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Alika won Eesti Laul 2023 and will represent Estonia at Eurovision 2023Alika won Eesti Laul 2023 and will represent Estonia at Eurovision 2023

Alika won today Eesti Laul 2023 with the song “Bridges” and will represent Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool

Tonight, the last show of Eesti Laul 2023 took place at Tallinn’s Tondiraba Ice Hall.

Estonian actor Tõnis Niinemets and Estonian singer Grete Kuld hosted the show, which lasted for about 4 hours.

During the first stage of the grand final, an international jury decided together with the public who got the three spots in the Eesti Laul 2023 superfinal. Then, the public alone voted for which of the three acts would make it to Eurovision 2023 and represent Estonia in Liverpool, and Alika achieved the victory and the privilege to representing the country in Eurovision:

The winning performance at Eesti Laul 2023: Alika “Bridges”

All Eesti Laul 2023 finalists:

  1. Meelik – “Tuju”
  2. INGER – “Awaiting You”
  3. JANEK – “House Of Glass”
  4. ELYSA – “Bad Philosophy”
  5. m els – “So Good (At What You Do)”
  6. Bedwetters – “Monsters”
  7. Andreas – “Why Do You Love Me”
  8. ALIKA – “Bridges”
  9. Anett x Fredi – “You Need to Move On”
  10. OLLIE – “Venom”
  11. MIA – “Üks samm korraga”
  12. SISSI – “Lighthouse”

After the first jury and public vote, nine acts left, leaving Bedwetters, Alika, and Ollie to fight it out once more in the Superfinal.

Superfinal East Paul 2023 results:

  1. ALIKA – “Bridges” — 42%
  2. OLLIE – “Venom” — 33%
  3. Bedwetters – “Monsters” — 25%

Watch our top 12 Eesti Laul 2023 finalists:

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