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Nare Junior Eurovision 2022 ArmeniaNare Junior Eurovision 2022 Armenia

🇦🇲 Armenia
Song: “DANCE!”
Performer: Nare

If there’s one nation that can most rival Georgia in delivering at Junior Eurovision, it has to be Armenia. They’ve competed fourteen previous times, finished in the Top 3 eight times and won twice! It should be something that the last Junior Eurovision song to be released is the one from the host nation.It came down to an audition round top decide Armenia’s participant. Over a hundred entered, thirty received an audition in front of five judges, and Nare won. Her song is titled “DANCE!”

Armenia brings back the dance sound they had last year. While “Qami Qami” has more of a smooth mysterious feel to it, this is a song that has more of a  dancy feel to it. It’s like comparing two different types of dance songs. Nare’s vocals are great and the song itself is an enjoyable song about dancing that sounds like it would be good on the dance floors. Also unique about this song is all the verses are completely in Armenian while the full chorus is in English. A lot to like about this song.

JESC Chances: I know an Armenian song with a dance beat won last year, but that’s not a guarantee that such a song will win again this year. Nevertheless I feel that this song can appeal to a lot of people, like children, young teens and even young adults. Just like “Qami Qami,” the song sounds very mature. Interesting to note that only four times has a host-nation entry at a JESC finished in the Top 3, and has won only once. I think this song is headed for another impressive result for Armenia. Possibly another Top 3 finish, or Top 5 at least. 

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