Thu. May 30th, 2024
Barbara Pravi - l'homme et l'oiseau

Barbara Pravi releases “L’homme et l’oiseau” — the final act in a triptych of three songs. The title translates to “The man and the bird” is the end of the story. Following her Eurovision song “Voila” and “Le jour se lève”, “L’homme et l’oiseau” completes a three-part triptych and now music videos comprise a short film.

Barbara wrote on her Instagram:

The triptych is the result of long months of work and a lot of love.

In September, even before making the decision to do Eurovision, I wanted to make a short film, 3 songs, to gently present my first album. I asked three directors to put this music into images, so that each end of one is the beginning of the next.

Like an endless dance. A loop. A cross between reality and dreams or a dance of shadows, those that we put on like a winter coat and that constitute us.

The man and the bird is the end of the story. It’s the dream that merges with reality. This is not really a dream, but not really the truth. This is the story of a bird you never capture. The story of a man who doesn’t really exist …

Barbara Pravi

In the video “L’homme et l’oiseau” Barbara dances on the shore like two birds with the amazing dancer LaMichael Leonard Jr. who has been the lead dancer and Master of Ceremonies at the world-famous Lido Cabaret in Paris since 2014.  You can watch this beautiful triptych on Youtube

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