Fri. Apr 12th, 2024
Brunette Armenia Eurovision 2023Brunette Armenia Eurovision 2023

Armenia’s broadcaster AMPTV has internally selected singer-songwriter Brunette to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

A few weeks after AMPTV organized Junior Eurovision 2022 in Yerevan, the broadcaster started the process of selecting the Armenian representative for Eurovision 2023. At this stage they’re working on Brunette’s song, which will be released in March.

Presentation video

Brunette is known to the public for several hit songs. She intends to bring a new style to the big Eurovision stage.

“I am happy to share the news with you. I just create music, and this time I will share it with the European audience,” says Armenia’s representative to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Brunette has been singing since she was four and has been writing music since she was fifteen. She has written the music and lyrics to all her songs. Brunette’s songs “Night”, “Smoke Break” and “Light Blue Eyes” became hits in a short time and have millions of views on YouTube.

Public TV`s Executive Director Hovhannes Movsisyan emphasizes the importance of entrusting young and talented artists with the opportunity to represent Armenia in such contests.

“Last year, sending a young artist to ESC 2023 was justified. The song is still successful and captivates millions of fans. I hope this year we will surprise the European audience with a unique Armenian artist,” says Movsisyan.

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