Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Joost Klein Eurovision 2024Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett | EBU

AVROTROS update regarding the Eurovision Song Contest

In the past few weeks, a lot has happened behind the scenes at AVROTROS in the aftermath of the disappointing outcome of the Song Contest for the Netherlands. In this article, we want to share what we can, but we also ask for understanding of the fact that not everything can be made public (yet).

Disqualification of Joost Klein

The investigation into the incident after Joost Klein’s performance in the 2nd semi-final is still pending at the Swedish Public Prosecution Service. During this investigation, we unfortunately cannot go into the details, the circumstances, and the handling of this incident because this could influence the investigation. 

We can say that based on the information we had then and have now, we still believe that the disqualification was unnecessary and disproportionate.

EBU investigation

AVROTROS, like other participating countries, has received a request from the EBU to cooperate in an investigation. We have decided to cooperate with this, with the necessary caveats. AVROTROS believes that a broader, more in-depth, and truly independent investigation is needed to address structural problems. 

Not only organization in Malmö and the EBU, but also the role and mandate of the Reference Group (the committee of delegated participating countries), the rules/procedures and appeal possibilities in the event of complaints, and the increased pressure on the artists and delegations in the run-up to and during the Song Contest should be the subject of investigation by a recognized and independent research agency.


The Eurovision Song Contest was created to connect countries and peoples through music and to encourage mutual brotherhood. This should be the starting point for the organizers and all participating countries. 

Until AVROTROS is confident that structural adjustments will be made to the artists and their musical message back in the center, we will keep participation in the Song Contest under consideration.

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