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Eurovision 2023 Baltic Countries Estonia Latvia LithauniaEurovision 2023 Baltic Countries Estonia Latvia Lithaunia
Eurovision 2023 Song Reviews: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Can you believe there’s less than seven weeks to go until Eurovision? All 37 entries for this year have been decided. For us, the EuroFan, that means time to catch up on the latest buzz, latest gambling odds, watch the entries live if you’re lucky to go to one of the pre-Contest concerts, and start listening to all the songs to make our lists! 

With me now being a member of an OGAE, I have to get my Top 10 list ready sooner than usual. That shouldn’t be a problem as long as I review songs along the way. For each Eurovision song review, I won’t be doing one-by-one as I did for Junior Eurovision. With Eurovision reviews, I plan to review a few songs at a time. I plan on making most blogs of reviews linked by geography. Like for my first blog right here, I’m reviewing songs from the Baltic nations. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on this year’s Baltic entries.

Performer: Alika
Song: “Bridges”

Estonia is usually hit or miss when it comes to Eurovision, but when they’re on, they’re on. Even if they don’t qualify for the Grand Final, they will mostly deliver a number you can be proud of. This song from Alika is very impressive. I like how it starts soft and gets more dramatic over time. The lyrics are also great. I see this as a song that should get better over time.

ESC Chances: One thing that surprised me about last year is how the dark and mysterious songs did better than I thought. I figured most people would go for the more danceable and livelier fare. I think of all the Baltic songs, this is the one that I think will get the highest finish. Estonia did last year too. I feel if this song has a good stage show, it can go further than predicted.

Listen to Alika’s song:
Estonia Eurovision 2023: Alika – “Bridges”

Performer: Sudden Lights
Song: “Aijā”

Latvia has been in a struggle. The last time they qualified for the Grand Final was back in 2016. They’ve sent original numbers every year since, but something was either missing or it wasn’t something the crowds went for. I didn’t like how last year’s entry tried meshing sex jokes with environmentalism. This year, Latvia is sending alternative band Sudden Lights. I myself like it. I like the rocking feel of the song. I like how it’s out of the ordinary.

ESC Chances: This is a way better song than last year. Latvia has proven in the last few years original doesn’t always pay off on the Eurovision stage. I think it will get Latvia’s best result in years but I’m pessimistic about its chances of getting into the Grand Final. I feel it deserves to, but it’s all up to the crowds to decide. I think they may not favor this song so much.

Listen to Sudden Light’s song:
Latvia Eurovision 2023: Sudden Lights – “Aijā”

Performer: Monica Linkytė
Song: “Stay”

Lithuania may have a best-ever result of sixth, but they have shown they have the potential to go higher. Like the quirkiness of The Roop and their songs. Even last year’s entry Monika Liu showed she can just use her charm in the song and it will go far. This year, Monica Linkytė returns to represent Lithuania with a song she wrote. The vocals are good. They lyrics are deep. The soulful back-up singers add to the song. Actually the song could have been subtitled “Ciuto Tuto.”

ESC Chances: Returning performers often face a tough challenge and can often be compared to their previous Eurovision entries. This song is very different from the duet she performed in 2015. It’s good but I don’t think it will be too catchy unless something is added to the stage show. Some songs can excel simply as is. This is one song that I don’t think will.

Listen to Monika’s song:
Lithuania Eurovision 2023: Monika Linkytė “Stay”

And there you go. This is the first of my blogs of song reviews for Eurovision 2023. More reviews coming very soon.

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