Sun. May 26th, 2024

For my next blog, I’m reviewing entries from three nations that are predominantly English-speaking:

Performer: Electric Fields
Song: “One Milkali (One Blood)”

Malmo 2024 will be the ninth Contest for Australia to participate. This year’s entry is Electric Fields: a duo made up of Indigenous vocalist Zaachariaha Fielding and keyboard player and producer Michael Ross. Their songs are notable for lyrics combining English and Indigenous languages. This song is about the two escaping from Earth into the universe where there are no borders or barriers of race or sexuality. Where we’re all one blood. It has a good message and Fielding’s vocals are very soulful. Also I think this is the first Eurovision entry to have a didgeridoo playing.

ESC Chances: There was a time Australian entries had no trouble making it to the Grand Final at first. They’ve had more difficulty in the last four years. The song itself gives a lot to appreciate with its message. However with this being Eurovision, people are going to expect a crowd-pleaser. Although it’s a song worth liking, it faces stiff competition in its semi-final. This song will need very good staging if it’s to make it into the Grand Final.

Performer: Bambie Thug
Song: “Doomsday Blue”

It seems like such a long time ago when Ireland owned Eurovision. It’s won seven times but it has had frustration after frustration in the semis. This year, Ireland is sending Bambie Thug who is the complete opposite of what you’d expect to come out of Ireland! Even Bambie describes their music as “ouija-pop.” After listening to this song and seeing the video, you’d think Bambie and Marilyn Manson were separated at birth! The hyperfunk song really has a goth feel and packs a lot in its three minutes. This is definitely no ordinary Eurovision entry!

ESC Chances: It’s obvious with Bambie Thug that Ireland has had it with not qualifying for the Grand Final. Especially with last year’s entry being dismissed as boring. Now I’ve seen other shock entries in Eurovision in the past. They get good finishes as long as they do things right. Bambie definitely has the song and it has stimulated a lot of buzz. I’m confident it will qualify for the Grand Final but to get a good finish, a song like this will need to have staging that fits the song and really stands out if it’s to hit the Top 10. And that’s a growing possibility.


Performer: Sarah Bonnici
Song: “Loop”

Malta is often seen as the little nation that can. This year’s entry is Sarah Bonnici. The daughter of one of Malta’s richest CEO’s, Sarah has participated in many singing contests ever since she was a child. Her song “Loop” is a pop song intended to command your attention. Her singing is good but it doesn’t stand out. Her video is eye-catching. Sometimes I feel she makes more effort in being eye candy for her video. It’s not to say this song isn’t good. The song does make for a good pop performance. It’s just up against as lot of competition.

ESC Chances: Malta has had a mixed set of results. They’ve made the Grand Final frequently and even had two runners-up and two third-places. Their last two entries were lackluster and didn’t qualify. Odds are low here. I feel this song could have what it takes to qualify had it been developed better. Mind you I could be wrong. It’s possible is the right staging is done and if Sarah delivers a top pop performance, her chances of qualifying for the Grand Final can improve. Don’t forget last year, we first thought “Solo” from Poland was a lame song but Blanka worked the show. Give Sarah a chance.

And there you have it. Those are my reviews of this year’s Eurovision songs for Australia, Ireland and Malta. Looks like it’s time for you to start making plans for your Eurovision parties. The start of the Contest is creeping up fast!

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