Sun. May 26th, 2024
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My next blog of reviews are of the Baltic entries. All three Baltic nations hold a national final to determine their entries. Do they have what it takes? Let’s see.

Performer: 5miinust and Puuluup
Song: “(Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi”

Estonia’s first and only win came in 2001, but Estonian entries often have what it takes to win you over. Heck, these past ten years, they achieved three Top 10 finishes including last year’s “Bridges.” This year’s entry is something else. The title translates to “We (really) don’t know anything about (these) drugs.” Funny thing is that the song sounds like a fun romp. A mix of rock, dance, rap and Estonian folk music that will make some want to dance. Even the video will get you thinking this is a fun song. I come to like it because of its hyper energy its attitude, going crazy and letting loose.

ESC Chances: There’s always at least one song in the Eurovision repertoire you’ll like but has low chances of winning. This is mine. Although they were the runaway winners of Eesti Laul, they haven’t caught on with the rest of Europe in a real big way. I’d say their qualifying chances are 50/50. Especially since their performance at Eesti Laul looks quite disorganized compared to their video. If they get their performance better organized with the dancing, stage direction, talharpa playing and all, I think they can be grand finalists.


Performer: Dons
Song: “Hollow”

It’s tempting to feel sorry for Latvia. Their first-ever entry in 2000 may have finished third and they may have won in 2002, but they’re tied with North Macedonia for most non-qualifications: twelve. For 2024, their entry is Supernova 2024 winner Dons, is an established star in Latvia. The only English-language entry from the Baltics, “Hollow” is a deep song about being frustrated with lost love, not knowing how to live your life and advice received from others. It’s a song that may not grab your attention the first time but gets better every time you listen to it. Especially with relatable lyrics.

ESC Chances: Excluding long-time returnees Luxembourg, Latvia is one of four nations competing this year that has not yet had one of their entries from the 2020’s qualify for a Grand Final. The last time one of their entries qualified for the Grand Final was in 2016. This song looks to be one with 50/50 chances. Its qualifying chances have improved with the pre-Eurovision performances. Ballads do make it into the Grand Final but it will need staging that works the song to perfection to achieve it. FUN FACT: The record for consecutive non-qualifications is The Netherlands with eight straight Contests from 2005 to 2012.


Performer: Silvester Belt
Song: “Luktelk”

Lithuania’s best-ever finish is 6th with 2006’s “We Are The Winners,” but the 2020’s have served notice Lithuania could break that record this decade.  In 2024, Silvester Belt keeps the Lithuanian excitement alive. He’s been active since 2017 and his style mixes pop, rave and techno. His song “Luktelk,” which means ‘shake,’ has a very hypnotic sound and has a dance beat you can really get into. Silvester doesn’t go for big vocals but his singing adds to the hypnotic feel of the song. Even if you don’t understand Lithuanian, one can easily get into the song.

ESC Chances: Lithuania has had it quite good in the 2020’s. All three of their previous entries have qualified for the Grand Final and the lowest finish of them all is fourteenth. “Luktelk” looks and sounds like a song that can add to Lithuania’s success streak. It could even clinch Lithuania’s fourth Top 10 finish. The staging worked well at Eurovizija LT. They can leave it as it is for Malmo or make the right additions to it. A potential Top 10 finish is riding on this.
And there you have it. That’s my look at this year’s Baltic entries. They’re small nations that are big on talent and have what it takes to charm Eurofans. Even in their own languages!

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