Fri. Apr 12th, 2024
Windows95man | Photo: Miikka VarilaWindows95man | Photo: Miikka Varila, UMK

The seven artists competed today at Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2024 and Windows95man was announced as a winner and will represent Finland at Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö with the song “No Rules”

The winner of the Contest for New Music UMK, and Finland’s next Eurovision representative, was chosen  at the UMK 24, held at the Nokia Arena in Tampere. The hosts of UMK 2024 were Benjamin Peltonen, Pilvi Hämäläinen, and Viivi Pumpanen.

In the first round of voting, international jury choosed Sara Siipoa as the winner.

After combining jury votes with thelevoters, it became official: Windows95man wins Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) and will be representing Finland at Eurovision in May with the song “No Rules”.

“No Rules” is written by Henri Piispanen, Jussi Roine and Teemu Keisteri.

One of our viewers on Youtube @eetufin  explained in the comments the message of the song and the staging:

“The song combines the Finnish mythology Kalevala where the world is created from the goldeneyes’ egg. In the stage performance the singer Henri represents the bird (see the similarity of the movements and the clothing) and the Windows95man is born (as all humans) naked only wearing Kalevala inspired boots.

The stage coordinator (establishment/juries) tries in the middle of the song give the rules to our hero but he puts the instructions flying in the air. He wants to be free and who he is despite what the others try him to be! So Finnish people think screw the high establishment juries and let’s have fun and be who we are and send something that IS us!”

About Windows95man

Windows95man is an embodiment of the 90s, who frees a once timid family man from his everyday life. It all started when Teemu Keisteri’s home videos on YouTube began to circulate all over the world. One of the videos even ended up in a commercial aired during an NHL game.

In 2013, Windows95man burst onto the scene during a DJ gig at the Flow Festival. His unique character is brought to life through a distinctive costume featuring very short shorts made by Keisteri’s friend and a Windows95 T-shirt ordered online. Since then, Windows95man has taken the stage at various events, including Helsinki’s New Year’s celebration in 2022, as an opening act for Käärijä at the Helsinki Ice Hall, and numerous smaller gatherings.

You might have encountered Windows95man’s wild and crazy stage performances in a YouTube video where he successfully gets an entire plane full of passengers grooving to Darude’s “Sandstorm.” This character is all about bringing the fun and energy wherever he goes!

In my opinion, all Finns are a bit looney-tunes deep inside, and I wanted to bring that out more. Now I can share my music with an even bigger audience as well as spread the joyous message of “No Rules,”

says Keisteri.

Henri Piispanen is the singer in No Rules. Keisteri explains that the chorus of the song was so challenging that he had trouble finding a singer with enough technical skill to pull it off. Piispanen was the only one whose voice could go high enough.

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