Wed. Apr 24th, 2024
Nutsa BuzaladzeNutsa Buzaladze | Photo: Kikala Studio

The song “Firefighter” which Nutsa Buzaladze will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö has just been released

Georgia presently holds one of the lengthiest non-qualification streaks in Eurovision, having last advanced to a Grand Final in 2016. Subsequently, the country has faced consecutive non-qualifications.

In an effort to enhance their Eurovision outcomes, the Georgian broadcaster, GPB, opted for an internal selection. The chosen artist, former American Idol star Nutsa Buzaladze, has been selected to represent the nation with the newly unveiled entry, “Firefighter.”

“Firefighter” is written by Ada Skidka and Darko Dimitrov.

About Nutsa Buzaladze

Nutsa Buzaladze (28 January 1997) is a Georgian singer and songwriter. She was born in Tbilisi and is currently living in Los Angeles.

Nutsa Buzaladze comes from a musical background, with her mother being a pianist and her father serving as both a composer and a singer. Her parents swiftly identified Nutsa’s innate musical talents, providing unwavering support for her pursuit of a career in music.

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Eager to explore new horizons, Buzaladze expanded her reach by auditioning for “The Voice of Turkey,” where she impressed the judges enough to turn all chairs. Her journey in the world of competitive singing continued as she participated in other notable competitions like “All Together Now” and, subsequently, “Dancing With The Stars” in Georgia.

Her Eurovision aspirations were evident in 2017 when she vied for the opportunity to represent Georgia with the song “White Horses Run” in the national selection, finishing in 2nd place.

In 2019, Nutsa Buzaladze further showcased her musical versatility by releasing an EP. More recently, her popularity soared after securing the 12th position in the widely watched TV show, “American Idol,” where she performed a duet with Kylie Minogue on her classic track Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.

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