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Das Deutsche Finale 2024 Artists | Photo: NDRDas Deutsche Finale 2024 Artists | Photo: NDR

Eight of the nine songs looking to represent Germany at Eurovision 2024 have been released today. The final song competing in Das Deutsche Finale 2024 will be decided via Ich will zum ESC! on 8 February

Galant, Isaak, Leona, Bodine Monet, Max Mutzke, NinetyNine, Marie Reim, and Ryk will be singing on February 16th at “Eurovision Song Contest – Das Deutsche Finale 2024” to compete for the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

The show from Berlin will be broadcast live starting at 22:05 on, on ARD (the First German Television Channel), and in the ARD Mediathek. However, one more spot in the German preliminary decision is still available. The decision on who will join the already selected eight acts will be made on February 8th in the final of “Ich will zum ESC!” (I Want to go to the ESC!).

Listen the eight songs from German Eurovision National selection Das Deutsche Finale 2024

Galant “Katze”

Galant consists of 26-year-old Mona from Munich and 29-year-old Paul from Mannheim. As an electropop group with influences from the Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave), they draw inspiration from the icons of that era. Amused by the banality of things, they mock the commercialism of the arts with their mix of rap and melodies, aiming to disrupt conventions themselves. In their song “Katze” (Cat), Galant depicts how people, after traumatic experiences, drift away from their original essence, becoming increasingly distant and unapproachable as a form of self-protection.

Isaak “Always On The Run”

Even during his school years, Isaak Guderian captivates people as a street musician with his extraordinary voice. In 2011, he showcases his talent to a wide audience for the first time on the TV talent show “X Factor,” and in 2021, he wins the digital talent show “Show your Talent.” His singing repertoire spans from melancholic ballads to powerful arrangements. Isaak’s pre-decision title, “Always On The Run,” is an example of how the emotional depths and thrilling highs of a song can take the audience on a truly special musical journey.

Leona “Undream You”

After completing her high school education, Leona was certain: there was only music and no Plan B. The 20-year-old, who now resides in Hamburg, early on discovered the opportunities that the world of social media offered, quickly building a substantial fanbase with her music on various platforms. Notably, well-known musicians take notice of the talented songwriter, with pop star Max Giesinger recording a song with her and inviting her on stage during one of his concerts. Leona showcases the great potential of her voice at the German ESC final with her heartfelt ballad “Undream You,” narrating a story of a lost love.

Bodine Monet “Tears Like Rain”

Bodine Monet is an artist from Zandvoort in the Netherlands who has found her life’s purpose in music. At the age of 14, she made it to the finals of “The Voice Kids.” Today, the 23-year-old focuses exclusively on her career as a singer-songwriter. With Canadian roots, the singer got introduced to the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) through her parents and aims to represent Germany at the ESC due to her close connection to the neighboring country. With her song “Tears Like Rain,” she wants to encourage others to break free from toxic influences and grow beyond a negative past.

Max Mutzke “Forever Strong”

Max Mutzke, a well-known figure in the German Eurovision Song Contest history, is participating in the preliminary decision. In 2004, the now 42-year-old won the German preliminary decision and secured the eighth place in the ESC final in Istanbul. His final song at that time, “Can’t Wait Until Tonight,” written by Stefan Raab, entered the German charts at number 1, establishing him as a successful singer and songwriter in the German music scene. On the occasion of his 20th anniversary on stage, the Black Forest native aims to represent Germany once again in the ESC final in Malmö. His song “Forever Strong” is intended to pave the way for him as a plea of hope.

Marie Reim “Naive”

Marie Reim, the daughter of Schlager star Michelle and singer Matthias Reim, is an emerging Schlager singer aiming to conquer the German final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Inspired by her mother’s eighth place in the ESC final in 2001 in Copenhagen, the Düsseldorf resident dreams of bringing Germany back to the forefront of the competition with a Schlager song. The 23-year-old already has plenty of stage experience, as she made her first major TV appearance at the age of twelve in a show hosted by Florian Silbereisen. Her autobiographical song “Naiv” describes the emotional rollercoaster of trying to rearrange life after a broken love.

NinetyNine “Love On A Budget”

The 24-year-old singer and songwriter NinetyNine hails from the heart of Hamburg. Born as Daniel Leon Schmidt, the newcomer explains his stage name with his birth year, 1999, and his height of 1.99 meters. A multi-instrumentalist and successful songwriter, NinetyNine signed an author contract with a major music publisher at the age of 19, using his songwriting talent for various other artists. He describes his music as timeless pop with influences from the indie and vintage rock genres. Since early 2023, NinetyNine has released six singles, gaining success on various streaming platforms. With his current single “Love On A Budget,” he questions the culture of excess at the German ESC final: Why does it always have to be luxury and glitter? He prefers butterflies in the stomach over dollar signs in the eyes.

Ryk “Oh Boy”

At the age of five, Rick Jurthe, also known as Ryk from Bad Nenndorf in Lower Saxony, sits at his grandfather’s piano for the first time. A year later, his mother sends him to lessons with a strict Russian piano teacher. However, Ryk’s musical journey doesn’t stick to purely instrumental music. At the age of 13, he writes his first song. Ryk works as a songwriter, composer, and music producer for various projects, including numerous live entertainment events such as theater and circus productions. In 2018, he takes his first shot at the ESC, performing in the German preliminary decision “Unser Lied für Lissabon” and securing the third place. This year, at the age of 34, he’s making another attempt, aiming to win the hearts of ESC fans with his song “Oh Boy.”

Search for the German Eurovision Act 2024

This year, there are two paths leading to the German Eurovision final. Singers and bands had the opportunity to apply online via until October 15, 2023. A total of 693 applications were received. Most acts applied with their own songs, while some applied solely as singers. In parallel, NDR (German broadcaster) also directly approached artists. All entries were initially evaluated by the ESC editorial team. Subsequently, an international panel of experts also anonymously assessed the top 32. Following this, the most promising acts had the chance to showcase their ESC suitability live in an audition. Eight of them are now confirmed as acts for “Eurovision Song Contest – Das deutsche Finale 2024.”

“Ich will zum ESC (I want to go to the ESC)!” – Boot camp with Conchita Wurst and Rea Garvey

Conchita and Rea Garvey © Bildergarten Entertainment

Conchita Wurst and Rea Garvey | Photo: NDR

From all the applications, 15 acts were pre-selected for the six-part docutainment series “Ich will zum ESC!”, where they will compete for a spot in the German ESC final with coaches Conchita Wurst and Rea Garvey. The first three episodes will be available on ARD Mediathek starting January 25. By February 8, Conchita and Rea must each choose two acts to move on to the live show of “Ich will zum ESC!”. The audience alone will decide which of these four acts will secure the last available spot in the preliminary decision through televoting on that evening. The show will be broadcast at 22:00 on ARD Mediathek and NDR Fernsehen.

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