Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Photo: SRG SSR | Moritz Stadler (left) and Reto Peritz (right)

The SRG Executive Board has named Reto Peritz from SRF and Moritz Stadler from RTS as co-executive producers of the 2025 Eurovision Song Contest in Switzerland. Both will retain their current roles but will be substituted for a year.

Organising the Eurovision Song Contest in Switzerland in May 2025 is a massive undertaking. At the request of the ESC Task Force, the SRG Executive Board has now decided who will have overall responsibility for the world’s biggest music event. The role of executive producer will be shared by Reto Peritz, 51, currently director of entertainment at SRF, and Moritz Stadler, 38, currently head of operations at RTS.  

The Executive Board considers the two media managers perfectly suited to the role, and both have longstanding experience with the ESC – Reto Peritz as former head of the Swiss delegation and as an elected member of the ESC Reference Group from 2019 to 2021, and Moritz Stadler as a longtime employee of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The pair will retain their current positions in the business units but will gradually hand over the projects they are currently managing until June 2025 to focus fully on the organisation of the ESC. 

Switzerland will host Eurovision Song Contest 2025 after Nemo’s victory in Malmö with the song ” The Code”

Right now cities prepare their bids

The very first thing to do was to customise the very extensive requirements catalogue (known as the «City Bid Book») of the European Broadcasting Union EBU to the Swiss context for candidate cities. Last week, the City Bid Book was sent out to all cities competing to host the ESC in 2025. SRG does not disclose which cities they are, but candidate cities are of course free to publicise the fact that they are running. The requirements catalogue sent out to cities is not made public either. 

The cities now have until the end of June to work with the venue operators and the cantons to prepare their bids on the basis of the City Bid Book. The winning city is scheduled to be announced in late August. The ESC 2025 will be held in mid-May, but the precise date has yet to be decided.

Source: SRG SSR Press Release

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