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FIA will represent Germany Junior Eurovision 2023FIA will represent Germany Junior Eurovision 2023

Fia has won the German national selection and will represent country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Nice with the song “Ohne Worte”

Fia emerged victorious in the German national selection for the Junior Eurovision 2023 competition. This selection process featured five finalists, each vying for the coveted title by presenting one-minute excerpts of demo versions of their respective entries.

The final outcomes were determined through a comprehensive evaluation, wherein an international panel of experts held a 50% influence, while online voting from participants located in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland contributed the remaining 50%. The esteemed international expert jury comprised members hailing from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, France, and Germany. Fia achieved a remarkable victory by securing both the jury’s favorable verdict and the public’s resounding support.

The results, combining the points garnered from the public and the jury:

FIA – “Ohne Worte” (Without Words) – 5 (public) + 5 (jury) – Total: 10 points

RAHEL – “Believe” – 4 (public) + 3 (jury) – Total: 7 points

Toby – “Stand Up” – 2 (public) + 4 (jury) – Total: 6 points

Adriano – “Be My Girl” – 3 (public) + 1 (jury) – Total: 4 points

Lenny – “Lieben lernen” (Learn to Love) – 1 (public) + 2 (jury) – Total: 3 points

Fia “Ohne Worte” snippet

The song will now be worked up with an official music video “Ohne Worte,” and scheduled for release on the 13th of October.

About FIA, who will represent Germany at Junior Eurovision 2023

FIA was born in Shanghai, and after the birth of her sister, the family moved back to Germany. They now live in Berlin with their two rabbits Simba and Puschel.

If you ask FIA what her favourite hobby is, the first thing she says is ‘performing’; she sings and dances anytime and anywhere and is the entertainer in her family.

During her appearance on this year’s season of The Voice Kids, FIA impressed audiences with her translation of the songs using sign language. She was inspired to do this by her little sister.

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