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Freya Sky UK Junior Eurovision 2022Freya Sky UK Junior Eurovision 2022
🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Song: “Lose My Head”
Performer: Freya Skye

It’s interesting that the UK was not only one of the original sixteen nations that participated in the first Junior Eurovision, but they finished in the Top 3. They clinched another Top 3 finish the following year. Then they finished 14th out of 16 in 2005 and withdrew for a long period. There were two Welsh entries in 2018 and 2019. Nevertheless the United Kingdom as a whole is back in Junior Eurovision after a seventeen-year hiatus. Their pick for this year’s Contest is Freya Skye.

Watching the video of the song, you would never guess that Freya is only 13 years-old! It’s the maturity in her singing and her performance that will blow you away. The song itself doesn’t sound like your common “bubble gum” song you’d expect to hear from a teen artist. This song sounds way more mature. The dance beat of this song is very infectious. Some say it can be as infectious as “Qami Qami” was last year. Plus it has a similar dance vibe.  Freya herself give an impressive performance with a lot of vocal skills and vocal range. I am very impressed.

JESC Chances: This looks like a potential contender for the top. The beat can score well with young viewers. The vocal performance can impress the judges. If she has as good of a stageshow as she has in her music video, I can see this as a contender for the top. The one case I can see of people not voting for her is from people that get turned off young performers who make a “mini-adult’ of themselves. There are some people that will admire the JESC for showcasing a lot of excellent young talents, but others who dislike when they have a young performer perform like an adult. They feel it takes away from the fun vibe of the Contest. We’ll see come December.

Watch Freya’s Song

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