Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Lissandro France Junior Eurovision 2022Lissandro France Junior Eurovision 2022
🇫🇷 France
Song: â€śOh Maman”
Performer: Lissandro

France know how to deliver fun songs at JESC. Their first entry all the way back in 2004 was a song that sounded like something form a French cabaret. The song when they returned back in 2018, was a fun song about the joys of friendship. Their 2019 entry was a fun song about falling in love. Their 2020 winner was an uplifting song about the anticipation of a post-pandemic future. And their 2021 entry was a fun song about not allowing time to get to you. 

2022 sees a continuation of the fun vibes with “Oh Maman” by Lissandro Formica. It’s a song that’s a bit jazz and a bit old time rock ‘n roll. This is a song that sings about the joys of performing on stage. The song starts sounding simple at first, but Lissandro surprised me by pulling it all together during the choruses and putting in the personality. Really enjoyable on first listen.

JESC Chances: One fact is France has never finished lower than sixth place. Another fact is that they’ve finished in the Top 3 in three of their five previous appearances. It’s too soon to tell if this song also has Top 3 potential. Lissandro convinced me in the end he does know how to deliver. It will all depend greatly on the live performance as well as if they have a winning stage show to go with it. The Top 3 potential is there. It’s just a matter of doing the right moves!

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