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Victor Vernikos Greece Eurovision 2023Victor Vernikos Greece Eurovision 2023

ES: You are the youngest participant in the Greek preselection this year, you released your first song “Hope It’s In Heaven” at the age of 14!  When did you start to sing and write music? 

Victor: I started to write my own music at 11 and I started taking singing lessons at 8, though I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember 🙂 

ES: Did you study music in a music school or by yourself? 

Victor: I studied music in a music school called Modern Music Arts and I do a lot of practice at home as well! As much as possible, I love sharpening my craft! 

ES: What are your plans after school? Do you want to go to some music college?

Victor: I believe that that has to do with what path my career goes through, I don’t believe it’s necessary I go to college though if I decide it is something that could really provide me and my music value I would definitely consider it!!

ES: What inspired you to start making music?

Victor: I’ve always been a music lover, raised on many genres like soul, funk, blues, hip hop, acoustic folk pop and more! I’ve always loved the idea of writing and then one day I started 🙂

ES: Who are your inspirations in music?

Victor: Just as I said before many different genres have inspired me in writing music and through those genres are many artists like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, I love BB King, Van Morrison, and many others!!

ES: Was your song «What They Say” composed specifically for Eurovision? Can you tell us a bit about your song?

Victor: It wasn’t composed specifically for Eurovision! It was composed to express my first ever strong experience of anxiety! The song is festival like and anthemic though it still provides a sense of vulnerability and strong emotion to it.

ES: You are half Danish – does multiculturalism help you in the creative process?

Victor: I believe that my concern is expressing myself to the most pure degree! Multiculturalism might not be of help in the creative process per se but it definitely gives me loads of inspiration, possibly more than someone who is not as multicultural or cosmopolitan. 

ES: What other hobbies do you have?

Victor: My other hobbies include Football and boxing 🙂 though my true love is music.

ES: Are you a Eurovision fan? Was it your dream to go to Eurovision?

Victor: I LOVE EUROVISION and it has always been a dream of mine until I truly put it into my head and to go to Eurovision in early 2022 🙂 

ES: Do you have your favourite Greek Eurovision song or maybe from any other country?

Victor: I love the first ever entrance of Greece, last year’s Die together and I really love Arcade by Duncan Laurence as well!

ES: Thank you very much for the interview, Victor, and good luck!

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