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Eurovision 2023 Georgia Iru KhechanovaEurovision 2023 Georgia Iru Khechanova
Iru Khechanova will perform in Liverpool the song “Echo”, which was released today along with a music video

Iru Khechanovi had remarkable journey, from being crowned the winner of The Voice Georgia to gracing the Eurovision stage. It is evident that she has set her sights high and is determined to achieve even greater success in the months ahead.

Back in February, Iru Khechanovi was selected as the candidate to represent Georgia at Eurovision 2023, following her victory over eight other contestants in the final of the fifth season of The Voice Georgia. Her rendition of Loreen’s “Euphoria” captured the hearts of the judges and the voting public, garnering 21.9% of the total votes.

And today the song that Iru Khechanovi will perform in Liverpool at Eurovision 2023 has been released.

Listen Iru’s song “Echo”:
Eurovision Georgia 2023: Iru – “Echo”

The lyrics of “Echo” was written by Iru herself, alongside with Beni Kadagidze. And the music is by George Kukhianidzet.

About Iru Khechanovi

A young and talented singer, hailing from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, was born in the year 2000. Her passion for music and singing started at an early age, and in 2009, she made a name for herself by clinching the title of “Best Singer” at the prestigious Tbilisi Olympic music contest. Over the years, she has continued to hone her craft and has showcased her musical prowess by participating in various song contests hosted across different cities in Turkey.

Iru Khechanovi is not a new participant for Eurovision, as she has previously participated in the Junior Eurovision 2011 as part of the group “Candy”. It is noteworthy that “Candy” emerged victorious in the said competition with their song “Candy Music”.

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