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David Charlin Kazakstan Junior Eurovision 2022David Charlin Kazakstan Junior Eurovision 2022

🇰🇿 Kazakhstan
Song: “Jer-Ana (Mother Earth)”
Performer: David Charlin

Kazakhstan is one of the new threats of Junior Eurovision. Since their debut in 2018, they’ve participated in four straight Contests and finished runner-up twice. For this year, they decided to select their Junior Eurovision entry from the Baqytty Bala song festival. Thirteen of the twenty-one contestants were from Kazakhstan and they chose David Charlin to represent. At first you think “Mother Earth” sounds like another environmental song. It’s actually more about staying strong through the trials of life.
The song is a ballad that is actually very powerful. Charlin’s vocals really come out in this song. In the beginning verse, you will be amazed of how graceful his voice sounds. When you get to the chorus, you will be surprised how bold his vocals are. I’m impressed. This is a ballad that goes beyond what one would anticipate from a Junior Eurovision ballad.

JESC Chances: The songs are starting to come more frequently right now. Both of Kazakhstan’s second-places came from ballads. Currently the songs with the most buzz right now are the more upbeat ones. Nevertheless, ballads have gone from songs with low expectations to finishing in the higher places. I’m anticipating a Top 5 finish. If there’s a stage show that works well, it could go into the Top 3.

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