Wed. Apr 24th, 2024
Laura Baczkiewicz Junior Eurovision Poland 2022Laura Baczkiewicz Junior Eurovision Poland 2022
Song: “To The Moon”
Performer: Laura Bączkiewicz

Poland is quite the story. They finished last at the first Junior Eurovision and tied for last in the second. Then they disappear. Can you blame them? Then in 2016, they come back with a vengeance with a promising 11th place finish. Then the acceleration thanks to the inclusion of the online voting. Eighth in 2017 to winning in 2018! And in 2019, they become the first host-nation ever to win! Last year showed continued success with Sara James’ “Somebody” finishing runner-up.

This year in their national final, they had all the singers try popular songs or Eurovision songs. For the two finalists, they had them perform songs specific to being entered in JESC. The winning entry is Laura Baczkiewicz and “To The Moon.”

JESC Chances: Polish voters have been known to use the televoting to the max. However they won’t do it for every Junior Eurovision entry. That became evident with Ala Tracz finishing 9th in 2020 with “I’m Still Standing.” I believe Polish voters will go all out in televoting if it’s a song they really believe in. Right now Laura’s performance sounds very raw. I’m expecting her to get better as we get closer to JESC night. Also they will have to develop the stage show and have one that fits the song well.

And those are my opinions of the first three Junior Eurovision songs. My opinion can change over time as new entries get added and also after I listen to these entries more often. First impressions don’t always last. Stay tuned for more!

Listen to Laura’s song

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