Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS will expand the selection committee that determines the Dutch Eurovision entry after the disappointing result at this year’s Eurovision song contest. It is also possible this year to submit a song in which a suitable artist will only be sought later in consultation with the committee.

Songs can be submitted from now until September 30. Who will be in the expanded selection committee has not yet been announced. The new head of the selection committee alone is already known: that will be Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, who has been involved in the organization for some time.

AVROTROS says ‘the committee will be further expanded to include new representatives from the music industry’. The committee now consists of Cornald Maas, Sander Lantinga, Carolien Borgers and Hila Noorzai. They stay. AVROTROS director Eric van Stade leaves the committee. Jan Smit left earlier this year.

Last year there was already a selection procedure where everyone could email one or more songs to AVROTROS, so that procedure remains largely unchanged.

Little stage experience

The selection committee chose the song Burning Daylight for the last Eurovision song contest. The song, which was co-written by former winner Duncan Laurence, stood head and shoulders above all other entries, according to the committee. But artists Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper had never performed together and Nicolai in particular, trained as an actress, still had little stage experience.

The song also turned out to be challenging for their voices. Substandard performances followed in the preparation and criticism of the duo, but also of the selection committee, increased. Shortly before leaving for the Eurovision song contest in Liverpool, it was decided to adjust the song: the song was raised a tone and a half, making it more in line with the duo’s voice

The final performance at the Eurovision song contest went well, but the duo did not advance to the final. As a result, the selection and selection procedure remained critical. AVROTROS said it was going to evaluate the process and not rule out the national Eurovision song contest returning again. In addition, the audience can vote for an artist or song that goes to the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of the Netherlands. Due to a lack of success in the past, AVROTROS had previously abandoned that.

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