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Lara Jovan Irina North Macedonia Junior Eurovision 2022Lara Jovan Irina North Macedonia Junior Eurovision 2022
 🇲🇰 North Macedonia
Song: “Ĺ˝ivotot e pred mene”
Performer: Lara feat. Jovan and Irina

North Macedonia is one nation that’s one of the most dedicated to Junior Eurovision. It has been there since the first Junior Eurovision and has participated in all but three editions of the Contest. North Macedonia has been known to have a lot of hard luck at JESC. Their highest finish ever is fifth and their biggest frustration is the number of times they’ve finished twelfth: eight times in total! Nevertheless they continue to send entries and Junior Eurovision fans continue to be pleased with them. Their last two entries have actually finished in the Top 10.

Originally this song was intended to be a duet between Lara and Irina. Recently Jovan was added. The song has a fun vibe to it and a positive attitude. I am unable to get a translation of the lyrics, but the second chorus sung in English gives the impression that the song does have a positive message. The message being about not being down about being a single girl. About looking to a positive future and not letting boys who act like idiots to you ruin your enjoyment. 

JESC Chances: I’ve noticed ever since 2016, North Macedonia has made an improvement in the entries they’ve sent to the Contest. In addition the Junior Eurovision crowds are starting to warm up to them more. I’ve also noticed some cases where some North Macedonian entries would have a lot of buzz before the Contest but it would fade come the live performances. 2018’s “Doma” and 2021’s “Green Forces” are the most notable examples. I believe this song has what it takes for North Macedonia to achieve another Top 10 finish. It’s a matter of the performance being spot-on and the stage show being done right. They have six weeks to put it all together.

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