Thu. Apr 18th, 2024
norway mgp 2023 artistsnorway mgp 2023 artists

Norway’s Public Broadcaster (NRK) revealed 21 artist who will compete for the ticket to Liverpool! This year, the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix will consist of three heats and a final, with all artists having to compete in a heat to secure a spot in the final as there are no pre-qualified acts this time.

All 21 artists competing in this year’s edition of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2023 were announced today during a press conference held by NRK.

Here are the acts by semifinals:

1️⃣ Semifinal One
Ulrikke – Honestly
Eirik Næss – Wave
Kate Gulbrandsen – Tårer i paradis
Rasmus Thall – TRESKO
Alessandra Mele – Queen of Kings
Byron Williams Jr & Jowst – Freaky For The Weekend
Umami Tsunami ft. Kyle Alessandro, Kristian Haugstøyl & Magnus Winjum – Geronimo

2️⃣ Semifinal Two
Sandra Lyng – Drøm d bort
Jone – Ekko Inni Meg
Swing’ It – Prohibition
Ella – Waist
Alejandro Fuentes – Fuego
Bjørn Olav Edvardsen – Turn Off My Heart
Elsie Bay – Love You In A Dream

3️⃣ Semifinal Three
Skrellex – Love Again
Tiril Beisland – Break It
Akuvi – Triumph
Atle Pettersen – Masterpiece
Eline Thorp – Not Meant To Be
Maria Celin – Freya
Stig van Eijk – Someday

In this year’s lineup, we get to see some familiar names take the MGP stage once again, including Ulrikke Brandstorp (Eurovision 2020), Stig van Eijk (Eurovision 1999), Jowst (Eurovision 2017), Elsie Bay (MGP 2022)

🇳🇴 In the new MGP format will be three semifinals and one big final. The semis will take place on 14, 21 and 28 January. The Grand Final will then follow on 4 February.

The songs will be released over the next three Mondays in groups, depending on which heat they’ll be competing in. Songs performed in Heat 1 will be released on 9 January, Heat 2 on 16 January, and Heat 3 on 23 January.

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