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MIIA | Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRKMIIA | Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

We talked with talented MIIA, who is competing in Heat 3 of the Norwegian Melody Grand Prix 2024 which will take place on the 27th of January

ES: Hi Miia, it’s your first time at Melody Grand Prix, how did you feel when they accepted your entry to MGP?

MIIA: Actually I didn’t apply, I was asked to sing this song that they hadn’t found the right artist for. So at first I though – wow, that’s really cool to be asked! And when I heard the song the first time, it was not really my style, because it was even more “Poppy”, even more Disney style than it is now. But I still heard something that I really liked in it and I said that I have to go into the studio first and change it up and see if I can really make this song my own. So I worked with my producer, we did change it a lot to make the song really mine and then I said – yes, let’s do it.

ES: And now it absolutely feels like your song. We know at the first blind auditions for the press, it was a different artist who performed this song.

MIIA: Yes, it was different singer, who wrote the song with co-writers. And that’s also new for me, because in the last couple of years I’ve been writing my own songs. On this one I just changed some piano chords and I did add one – two sentences that are my lyrics, but it still feels very much like mine so I’m very grateful too that I got this song.

ES: And now your song is one of the most popular among Eurovision fans, because it’s very beautiful and fits you very much. 

You already have experience of a very successful track “Dynasty” which has about 70 millions Youtube views. Could you please tell us a bit about it?

MIIA: Yes, “Dynasty” is one of the reasons why I can do music full time. I’m so thankful for that song and everything it has done! And the whole fan establishment that was made for me. This song was written by my former aunt and my uncle produced it, so the three of us were very close and worked together. And unfortunately they broke up, so that song is about their breakup. The song has a lot of real emotions and I think that’s why it reached out so deeply in a lot of people. I was 17 when that happened and had my breakthrough with it, that was so cool. I don’t think I really understood at that time how big it was and I’m so thankful for that experience. 

ES: So you’re from a musical family, if the song was written with your uncle and aunt?

MIIA: Yes, my uncle has been doing music like forever. He started in a heavy metal band, when he was a teenager, and they were very big in Norway and in Europe, they did a lot of touring. Then he went more into pop and eventually he became a producer. And my mom and dad are really good singers – both of them. I’ve grown up with a lot of music at home and a lot of different genres. Then I started to sing in a choir and that was really fun.  I’ve always loved singing together with others – it’s very powerful when people sing together.

ES: Have you dreamed to go to Eurovision before, are you a Eurovision fan?

MIIA: I will say I’ve become a Eurovision fan in the last couple of years, because I watched it a lot when I was young and especially when Loreen won for the first time – that I really remember, because her performance of “Euphoria” just hit me so hard, I’ve never seen anything like it. That song is not only an epic Eurovision song, but it’s an epic pop song.

When I grew older, I’ve done so many different things, I’ve sung a lot of jazz, and had a time where I only listened to rock music. So for many years I wasn’t interested at all in Eurovision. And then the last couple of years, around when Covid hit, when you watched a lot of TV, I just suddenly saw it and felt that it’s really special, because there’s nothing like it, when so many different, really great artists come together. And I just understood that anybody can win this if they are just genuine enough, because it’s something so real and raw about a lot of the artists that are in Eurovision. So now I would definitely say that I have become a Eurovision fan.

ES: Yes, and also Eurovision has an incredible fan community, you will feel it now. You probably already feel love from so many Eurovision fans. 

MIIA: Yes, that’s been the most fun so far to see how friendly and excited all the Eurovision fans are. And just to get to talk to all journalists, like you and get to know so many new people from different places – that’s really cool!

ES: Yes, that’s incredible and all fans love MGP and are following all the news about it. Have you watched the other semi-final? You can probably imagine how you will be in the same position?

MIIA | Photo: Josu Media
MIIA | Photo: Josu Media

MIIA: Yes, it was fun to watch and everybody really had such a good performance and I think the level is pretty high. And that is one of the first things that comes to mind, when I saw it – I was like oh my God, now it’s real and I will be there. I always get nervous, when I perform, so I just hope that I don’t get too nervous, that I can just enjoy it. And my main focus will be to do a real authentic performance, just to be myself, but I also want to let myself have fun with it, because it’s only three minutes and then you’re done.

ES: Yes, it will be an unforgettable experience for sure! Just believe in yourself, relax and feel this moment, when you will be there on the stage, we wish you a lot of luck!

MIIA: Thank you so much, I really appreciate all your kind words.

Listen to MIIA’a song ”Green Lights”

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