Wed. Apr 24th, 2024
Luna Poland Eurovision 2024Luna | Photo: Dorota Szulc

Polish broadcaster TVP just announced that Luna will represent the country at Eurovision 2024 in Malmö with her song “The Tower”

After months of rumours, now we know who will wave the Polish flag at Eurovision Song Contest 2024. It’s Luna, who has been internally selected by Polish broadcaster TVP to represent country this year with the song “The Tower.”

Polish broadcaster TVP decided to have this year internal selection. Interested artists and songwriters could submit their songs until 2 February. Then a competition committee selected the Polish representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö.

Together with the announcement, Luna’s the official music video for “The Tower”has been released.

Watch the official music video: Luna “The Tower”

“The Tower” was written by Luna , Maxwell Cooke and Paul Dixon (Fyfe).

About Luna

Aleksandra Katarzyna Wielgomas, better known by her stage name Luna, is a vocalist and songwriter hailing from Warsaw, Poland. Born on August 28, 1999, Luna has already made a mark in the Polish music scene. Her journey into music began early, with a notable stint in the Artos Children Choir in 2010, where she showcased her musical prowess in operas, playing the violin and piano.

In 2018, Luna took a significant step in her music career by joining the Kayax label as part of the “My Name is New” project. This move led to the release of her debut single, “On the Hills of Anxiety,” on September 19, 2018, earning widespread radio play across the country.

The year 2020 marked a turning point for Luna as she collaborated with composer Michał “Fox” Król, paving the way for her self-titled single, “Luna.” This release showcased her evolving artistic path. On November 25, 2020, Luna dropped the track “Zgaś,” incorporating space sounds, earning a spot on the list of the best Polish songs of 2020. Following this success, Luna’s next single, “Less,” released on February 2, 2021, performed well and secured a spot on Radio Wawa’s Top 13. Keep an eye on Luna as she continues to make waves in the Polish music industry.

Continuing her musical journey in 2021, Luna took a significant stride by releasing her first EP, “Caught in the Night.” The standout track, “Fade,” made waves, securing spots on 14 Spotify New Music Friday playlists globally. This success set the stage for her debut album in 2022, titled “Nocne zmory,” earning widespread acclaim in her home country and solidifying her position as an alternative artist in the Polish music scene.

In interviews, Luna has revealed that her diverse interests in astrology, philosophy, art, ecology, fashion, and nature serve as inspiration for her music. She introduces her alter ego, “Luna,” described as a persona filled with secrets and magic. The name is derived from the Latin word for moon, reflecting the significant influence of the celestial body on her life.

Adding another feather to her cap, Luna proudly became the first Polish woman to be invited to participate in the Spotify EQUAL campaign, highlighting her growing impact and recognition in the music industry.

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