Fri. Apr 12th, 2024
Swiss delegation at Eurovision 2021

Swiss broadcaster SRF has confirmed in the Facebook post that it will start accepting songs from 1 September: “Switzerland will also participate in ESC 2022. More detailed information on the registration regulations and selection will be given in mid-August””.

Switzerland’s Eurovision selection process

In 2020, a 100-member audience panel and a 20-person international expert jury will rated both the song submissions and artists. The two panels also made the final decision on the artist and song — which in that instance turned out to be Gjon’s Tears with “Répondez-moi”. The audience panel and expert jury had a 50/50 vote split.

A similar process had been used in 2019. However, following the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, Gjon’s Tears was internally reselected in 2021 without the involvement of the audience panel and expert jury. However, they still had a say on the selection of his song “Tout l’univers”.

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