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Melovin Vidbir 2024Melovin | Photo: Den Bobrov

MÉLOVIN shared with us the story of writing his song “Dreamer” for the Ukrainian National Selection fro Eurovision Song Contest 2024

MÉLOVIN barely needs an introduction to Eurovision fans. He represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, with the song “Under the Ladder”. And now the famous singer is back to Vidbir — the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision — with the song “Dreamer”.

MÉLOVIN is talking about how the song “Dreamer” was written. With  this song he is going to conquer the world stage. The artist admitted to whom he dedicated the song and noted why he should represent Ukraine in Sweden. 

“Dreamer” is a track about self-determination and self-love. MÉLOVIN asks listeners to not stop dreaming, even in difficult situations — which is a current topic in Ukraine. 

The track was written six months ago, and although MÉLOVIN wrote it himself, the artist says that people gave this song to him.

  • Angelina Mango
    33% 2/ 6
  • Sarah Bonnici
    33% 2/ 6
  • Dons
    16% 1/ 6
  • Marina Guskov
    16% 1/ 6

“Dreamer” is completely different from MÉLOVIN’s previous work. From the very first seconds, the track fascinates with its sound and immerses us in the magical world of a dreamer who is not afraid to make the wildest wishes.

“Dreamer” has an interesting rhythm and beautiful vocals that give the song a large-scale sound. The haunting melody has become one of the favorites in this year’s edition.

MÉLOVIN has explained that the lyrics were inspired by the Ukrainian musician Volodymyr Ivasyuk. He became one of the founding fathers of modern Ukrainian pop music under Soviet occupation. In 1970, when Ivasyuk was just twenty-one years old, one of his songs –  “Chervona ruta” became a massive hit among Ukrainians. But the Soviet authorities couldn’t allow it. Ivasyuk was killed under suspicious circumstances at the age of 30. Until 1991, Ivasyuk was denied a grave by local communist authorities. 

That is why the artist wants to tell the story of this talented person to the whole of Europe. Because this is a story about the musical DNA of the nation, the DNA of  culture. So, the song is an anthem against oppression and the legendary musician became the inspiration for the song. 

MÉLOVIN describes the creation of the song in a video on his YouTube channel: 

“The song was created in the month of July. I wrote it in Lviv. The day before, I heard a lot of explosions. I went to the cemetery to Volodymyr Ivasyuk, the one who wrote “Chervona ruta’. A legendary person. A person who was put down by the Soviets. I went to his grave. He has a very beautiful monument at the Lychakiv Cemetery. He stands next to a grand piano. I took the hand of the statue, and I said: Maestro, give me inspiration for a song. I returned to the hotel, to the balcony and inside my head, music started playing… I recorded the song on my voice recorder”.

Says musician.

MÉLOVIN has made a promise: “Volodymyr, if I manage to go to Eurovision in Malmö, I promise that your story through music and your name will be heard in the whole of Europe”. And he encourages everyone not to forget about their inner dreamer, to remember who we wanted to be in our childhood, to fulfil our dreams.

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