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Teya and Salena for Eurovision 2023 from AustriaTeya and Salena for Eurovision 2023 from Austria
“Who the hell is Edgar?” Teya & Salena’s song has been released! Let’s listen Austria’s song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Back in January Austrian broadcaster ORF has announced that Teya & Salena will be representing the country at the upcoming Eurovision competition, after being selected internally.

Today, the duo has released their song for the competition, titled “Who the hell is Edgar?”. The track, which features upbeat rhythms and catchy lyrics, is set to take the stage by storm in Liverpool this May. With just a few short months until the big night, all eyes will be on Austria as the nation prepares to showcase its best and brightest on the global stage.

Listen to Teya & Salena’s song
Eurovision Austria 2023: Teya & Salena – “Who the hell is Edgar?”

The song was written by Teya & Salena themselves along with Ronald Janeček and Pele Loriano.

Head of the Austrian Delegation, Stefan Zechner, describes the song:

The song catches your ear quickly and comes across as light, but on the second level it has a very nice message and therefore a certain seriousness. Teya & Salena see themselves as members of the song contest family and it’s great when someone sees the entire event as a “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

Salena says:

This song is a snapshot of the fun we had writing it. It started with wanting to convey what it feels like when a good song is made. Sometimes creativity rushes through you like you’re possessed by a ghost.

And Teya adds:

But we also wanted to pack our personal experiences as songwriters into the song. It often feels like you have to keep proving yourself to be taken seriously. By presenting Edgar Allan Poe as the actual writer of the song, we want to draw attention to this part of the music business. It’s satire.

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