Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Marina & Käärjä
Marina with Käärjä

Marina Guskov is our founder and editor-in-chief, an Eurovision journalist from Rotterdam. She has been an Eurovision fan for about 30 years. She always organised Eurovision parties with her family and friends to watch the contest and several years ago she decided to turn her passion for Eurovision into something more and started this project.

Marina says: “I am not interested in the results of Eurovision, but in the people, because all of the participants are the main heroes of Eurovision. And we want to remember them and remind other people about previous years participants, not to forget our heroes. That’s why the project name is Eurovision Stars.”

My favourite Eurovision entries are “Tout L’Univers”, “Voila”, “Euphoria”, “Fairytale”, “Cat Cha Cha”, “Nocturne” and many others.

Neco at Melfest
Neco at Melodifestivalen 2019

Neco Rodrigues, our correspondent from Spain.

Neco is a die-hard Eurovision fan, and his journey with the contest began in childhood. His heart was captured during the Junior Eurovision, especially when Spain triumphed in 2004 with the unforgettable “Antes muerta que sencilla” by María Isabel. From that magical moment, his love for Eurovision only intensified, expanding to the main Song Contest itself.

Neco is all about that classic Eurovision pop style, and his playlist is a tribute to iconic performers. His favorites include Loreen, Eleni Foureira, Chanel, Alessandra and the legendary Helena Paparizou. It’s no surprise that Neko has a soft spot for Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, a selection extravaganza embracing the classic pop traditions he adores, which he’s attended every year since 2019.

Sanja with TIX
Sanja with her favourite Andreas (TIX)

Sanja Mihaljević, our correspondent from Croatia.

Sanja says: “Writing for this site united my two loves: love for writing and love for the Eurovision Song Contest. The first winner I remember was Carola. Even then, I had a great affection for the Scandinavian countries. Over the years, Norway has become my favorite country, and I am actively following its selection. Not surprisingly, since the golden era of my native country, Croatia, ended at the beginning of this century.

My affection for Eurovision grew even more this year in Turin. Being a part of an amazing atmosphere of the whole of Europe united in music, only strengthened my decision that it was my first Eurovision, but definitely not the last.”

Leo with Ronela
Leo with Albanian Queen Ronela Hajati


Leo Guskov is one of the youngest Eurovision journalists. He has been an Eurovision fan since he was 7 years old, when he watched Eurovision 2016 for the first time. Leo is passionate about Eurovision history and statistics.

Leo says: “I like Eurovision because I like the different music of the competition and I also interested in the results of the show, I like analysing all results.

I also currently take singing and musical lessons, which helps me understand music more. My favourite entries ever are “Loin d’ici”, “Requiem”, “A Matter of Time”, “Ktheju Tokes” and “Voila”.

Jon Lewak
Jon Lewak


Jon Lewak, our correspondent from Canada.

Jon says: “Back in 2000, I first noticed about how big Eurovision was when I lived in a boarding house and all the European residents were watching the main television. My excitement didn’t take off unitl 2012 when I saw how people like to do personal rankings and post them as social media messages and Youtube videos. I’ve been doing it every year and had my biggest field day during the time of EurovisionAgain.

Creating lists of my own favorites of the Contests is something I like to do on social media. I also like listening to interviews of what the stars have to say about their music and about their lives.”

Jon’s favorite Eurovision songs are “Refrain,” “Volare,” ”Waterloo,” “Tu Te Reconnaitras,” “Wild Dances,” “Euphoria,” “Dancing Lasha Tumbai,” and “Molitva.”

Rana as voice actress


Rana Elif is one more young correspondent from İstanbul, Turkey. Her country withdrew 5 years after she was born, but Rana still continued her interest with it.

Rana says: “Eurovision songs were in every time period of my life but especially “Every Way That I Can” and “Düm Tek Tek” caused my interest. The first contest I fully watched was in 2018, but as a family, 2021 was the first contest we watched after so many years, our country left the contest so far.

Etnical music always wins for me. And if it’s a native language, I’m always in for it. Thanks to Eurovision and my lovely dad, I realised that I love rock music too. So alternative rock and ethnic music, both in native are my favourite. As I told you my taste, my fave song from my country is ‘Dinle’, a masterpiece! But overall, ‘Zitti E Buoni’ just fits my taste!

Beyond Eurovision, I’m a contortionist and a voice actress. I voiced 1 radio theatre and 2 series, one of them being for Netflix in just 1 year.”