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Caucasus Eurovision 2023Caucasus Eurovision 2023

It’s something that the first Eurovision appearance from a Caucasus entry was back in 2006. They’ve some a long way and they’ve even provided many a memorable Eurovision moment. They have a lot of good stuff here for 2023. Here are my reviews of the Caucasus entries for Liverpool:

Performer: Brunette
Song: “Future Lover”

Before I review, I’ll let you know my favorite Armenian entry of all time is 2008’s “Qele Qele.” I admit I like when culture is mixed into Armenian entries, but they aren’t completely needed to win me over. Last year’s was a cute folk song that fared better on the music charts than at Eurovision. This year’s entry is a more dramatic song. It comes across as a a song of a woman who wants to impress her future lover however she can, but there’s inner strength burning inside her. It’s a song that starts soft and delicate, but gets harder and more intense as the song progresses. Excellent mix of moods and feelings.

ESC Chances: Since they debuted in 2006, Armenia has finished in the Top 10 seven out of fourteen times. They’ve never finished in the Top 3 and I don’t think this song will do it this year. Nevertheless I do expect this song to do well. If it has a fitting stage show, it could achieve Armenia’s first Top 10 finish since 2016.

Listen to Brunette’s Eurovision 2023 song:

Eurovision 2023 Armenia: Brunette – “Future Lover”

Performer: TuralTuranX
Song: “Tell Me More”

Right after Azerbaijan debuted in 2008, they really worked to create top-calibre Eurovision songs written by foreign writers. It led to five straight Top 5 finishes from 2009 to 2013, but have only had a single Top 10 finish since. This year’s entry is completely Azerbaijani in performers and writers. TuralTuranX are a pair of twin brothers. This song which they co-wrote with two friends is more simplistic than previous Azerbaijan entries. Nevertheless its mix of rock with rap is very likeable on its own.

ESC Chances: There used to be a time Azerbaijan wanted to do real well at Eurovision. This entry gives the impression they don’t care that much. Yes, the song is very likeable and not as gimmicky as your typical Eurovision entry, but this is Eurovision where excitement and frills are expected if you want to go far. On top of it, they’re in Semi Final 1 which means they will really need a winning stage show to qualify. And drop those goofy suits!

Listen to TuralTuranX’s Eurovision 2023 song:

Eurovision 2023 Azerbaijan: TuralTuranX – “Tell Me More”

Performer: Iru
Song: “Echo”

For a long time, I wondered why doesn’t Georgia wait for one of their Junior Eurovision entries come of age and represent at “Senior Eurovision?” This year, I get my wish! For those that don’t know, Iru was one of the five Candy girls that won JESC 2011 for “Candy Music.” Nothing sugary sweet about this entry. This is very mature, dynamic and intense. The music, singing and lyrics are also very winning. I really like it.

ESC Chances: The last time Georgia qualified for the Grand Final was back in 2016. Before that, qualifying was not that hard. Watching the video, you will be convinced Georgia has had it with failing to qualify. They want to send an entry that will not only qualify but place well. It’s got what it takes and it’s in Semi 2 which is not as intense. Also it’s very possible Iru can achieve Georgia’s highest-ever finish! All she has to finish is eighth or higher!

Listen to Iru’s Eurovision 2023 song:

Eurovision 2023 Georgia: Iru – “Echo”

And there you go. Those are my reviews of this year’s entries from the Caucasus nations. All that remains is one blog to go! Hope you’re all enjoying the pre-Contest concerts while you can!

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