Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Luna Netherlands Junior Eurovision 2022Luna Netherlands Junior Eurovision 2022
🇳🇱 Netherlands
Song: “La Festa”
Performer: Luna

Once again, the Netherlands used the Junior Songfestival as its national selection for this year’s Junior Eurovision. If you’ve noticed one thing in the last ten years, the Netherlands has been making a lot of efforts to win young Dutch viewers both to the SongFest and their acts on social media. It’s been met with a lot of success. In the last five years since online voting was introduced, the Netherlands has achieved three fourth-place finishes in the last five JESCs. One glitch is normally when the Netherlands enters a ballad in JESC, it finishes outside the Top 10. And last year, the ballad “Mata Sugu Aō Ne” by Ayana finished last of the nineteen entries.

For this year’s Junior SongFestival, the organizers decided to get creative. Not only have four songs, but four different type of acts: a solo performer with Luna Sabella, a boyband named High5, a girl group named Infinity, and a mixed vocal group named Mixed Up. Since last year confirmed that a ballad is bad luck for the Netherlands at JESC, all four songs were upbeat songs. It’s easy to see why Luna’s song “La Festa” won. It was the one song that best fit the term “having it all.” 

JESC Chances: What are Luna’s Junior Eurovision chances? Once again, it’s hard to decide with just three songs decided. I will say that this song has the biggest party vibe I’ve felt since the 2014 Armenian entry “People Of The Sun.” Even the stage-show makes the song feel like a party. Even though Luna and her dancers were great Saturday night, I’m convinced already that if they all fine-tune their performance by JESC night, this will definitely be the top half. It could even achieve the Netherlands’ first Top 3 finish in eleven years! Only time will tell.

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