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Annprincess MGP 2024Annprincess MGP 2024 | Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

We talked with talented Annprincess, who is participating with her song “Save Me” in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2024. We talked with her before Heat 3, which will take place on the 27th of January, when Annprincess will perform

ES: Hi Annprincess, it’s your first participation in Melodi Grand Prix, how did you feel when you were accepted to compete there?

Annprincess: I was actually just sitting in my room and the broadcaster called and asked: “What do you think about joining MGP?” And I thought it was a joke, I thought it was a friend of my, who was calling me. You don’t expect yet, a smaller artist like me, a phone call like that, So it took me a while to just process that I was actually accepted to one of the greatest and biggest competition. I was happy, it’s an understatement, and then I was scared. But I was honoured, I was really honoured.

ES: You have already experience in the competitions, you’ve been in the Voice of Norway and in Norway’s Got Talent, do you think it will help you to go through it?

Annprincess: In the Norway’s Got Talent I was a teenager, I was 16 I think. And I wasn’t there to sing really, because I didn’t know what singing was at such a young age. I was just there to win, I just wanted to win. So I chose the Celine Dion song “I Surrender” with a lot of screaming. And she’s the queen of voice, but I couldn’t nail the high tone. So for me it was a bad experience.

ES: Okay, but the attitude was great. And do you come to MGP with the same wish, the same power – to win?

Annprincess: Yes the same power, the same mindset – I’m here to win, but this time I understand music and I come with a more stronger message!

ES: That’s great! And if you’ve been there as teenager, when did you start to sing, did you learn to sing somewhere?

Annprincess: I didn’t learn to sing, I think it is over time I just got better and better. And I’m not gonna say that I started singing when I was young, but I started writing music when I was 7-8 years old. Just writing down my thoughts, and then I started writing poems. Later I started using my phone recorder to just sing melodies – all things that were in my head and in my heart, in my soul just to have someone to talk to. It’s just a few years ago that I actually studying music, that I technically know what music is and how to build music.

ES: You wrote your MGP song “Save Me” yourself, what inspired you to write it?

Annprincess: First I got the beats from my producer and then I just started jamming, started jamming the melody and then I started jamming the chorus. And then after an hour I had a full song and I thought – this is a good song. Then I sent it to MGP and they accepted it!

And when I was writing the lyrics, it just came natural to me to write about my personal experience. So that’s how “Save Me” was created. It was really random, but then it ended up being one of my the most important songs.

ES: So you put your personal message to this song and we can we can feel it. You wrote both – music and lyrics by yourself, this is very impressive! Not many songs at MGP were written by the singers.

Annprincess: Thank you! I think that people don’t give that much attention to the songwriters and to the composers. But I think it’s impressive that people can write and produce their own song.

ES: Yes because it’s different, when you sing your song, you feel it much better than if someone wrote it for you, it’s your experience, your soul and it gives you more power on the stage. We can’t wait to see what your staging will be and how powerful it will be.

Annprincess: It’s going to tell a really important story and I’m really excited! There is something great about MGP that it gives the same chance to everyone – smaller artists and biggest artists, like Margaret Berger. It gives everyone the same opportunity to tell their story and that’s the most important thing for a smaller artist – an opportunity to do it on the same level as a big artist.

ES: That’s great. And do you feel some pressure that you are competing with Keiino, with Margaret Berger – with such big names for Norway and for Eurovision.

Annprincess: It could be easy to be scared and I was in the beginning, because they are such big names in this competition, but as I always preach – you have to focus on yourself and focus on the fact that you are good enough – just focus on that.

ES: That’s true, and remember Alessandra last year – she beat all experienced artists like Ulrikke and Atle Pettersen, you just need to feel the power and go ahead!

Annprincess: Yes, I love that everybody uses her as an example, because she was the wild card, no one heard of her before, except The Voice of Norway, and then she just did it!

ES: And have you dreamed to go to Eurovision before? Are you a Eurovision fan?

Annprincess: I love Eurovision, but I’ve never in my entire life pictured myself in Eurovision, because it’s so big. And I haven’t really thought of myself in it, even I’ve watched it every single year. But now I’m starting to picture myself in Eurovision and that is powerful!

ES: We wish you a lot of luck, just go, use your power and go!

Annprincess: Thank you, I’m gonna keep that with me!

Listen to Annprincess’s song “Save Me”

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