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Katarina Savic Serbia Junior Eurovision 2022Katarina Savic Serbia Junior Eurovision 2022

🇷🇸 Serbia
Song: “Svet Bez Granica (World Without Borders)”
Performer: Katarina Savić

Serbia as its own nation has been one of the biggest participants in Junior Eurovision. They’ve participated a total of thirteen previous times. Their best result was third, which they achieved twice. Their entry for this year’s Junior Eurovision was announced a month earlier. It was decided to be Katarina Savic who’s not only a good singer, but a good trombone player too.

The song is sung completely in Serbian and is about being in love and parents suspicious about it. Only they don’t know how she feels to him. I normally have an issue with songs sounding too angelic or too pretty. They may sound nice, but you often wonder how will it fare on the Eurovision stage? Vocally, she pulls it off better than I originally hoped. I usually prefer ‘bold’ vocals over ‘pretty’ vocals, but this song is excellent with her singing. It tuned out better than I thought. I’m also surprised to hear a ‘Balkan Ballad’ for a Junior Eurovision entry. Sure, Serbia’s sent ballads to Junior Eurovision before, but none of them sounded like something you’d label a ‘Balkan Ballad.’ The addition of the trombone solo is understandable. At first I wondered if it was such a good idea, but looking at the rapport on Youtube, it looks like it was a very good idea. Besides we all like Eurovision songs because of how out-of-the-ordinary they are.

JESC Chances: While North Macedonia struggles with how many twelfth-places they get at JESC, Serbia struggles with frequently finishing in tenth! I am optimistic about this song. I think this song will give Serbia its highest finish since 2015. However it’s a matter of doing the right stage show and making the right moves with the trombone solo. I’m confident it can be done. I remember I didn’t have high hopes for Serbia’s entry last year, but the stage show changed my mind.

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