Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Belorussian Eurovision broadcaster BTRC has been expelled from the EBU and will no longer be eligible to entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. This rules out a Belarusian participation in Italy 2022 and makes Belarus’ return to the contest extremely unlikely.

On Wednesday 30 June was reported by independent Belarusian radio station Euroradio, that the EBU held a meeting to discuss BTRC’s future in the union. There the EBU decide that from Thursday 1 July, BTRC will no longer be able to access EBU services. These services include the exchange of news and music content, the right to broadcast EBU sporting and music events, legal and technical research expertise and interest protection services.

This is the first time a country has been unable to compete in Eurovision due to being expelled from the EBU.

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