Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Elena Tsagrinou the 2021 Eurovision representative from Cyprus, has released a new single with Dimitris Tatarakis “Telika I Zoi Sinehizetai” – “Eventually Life Goes On”, which is released by Panik records. After Eurovision fans were waiting new song from Elena Tsagrinou and she hasn’t left them hanging for long.

The song “Telika I Zoi Sinehizetai” has been composed and produced by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Arcade, they’re the legends behind Stefania’s Eurovision 2021 entry for Greece, “Last Dance”. And of course, Kontopoulos has been behind a number of other previous Eurovision entries, including Natalia Gordienko’s entry for Moldova this year, “Sugar”, and both of Russian star Sergey Lazarev’s third placed songs – “You Are The Only One” (2016) and “Scream” (2019). Yiannis Doxas is the man behind the song’s lyrics.

Elena is collaborating alongside singer, model and rising greek star Dimitris Tatarakis. On Panik records, Dimitris is described as “a ‘fresh’ and bright face with innate talent”. Maybe we will see him in future as a greek representative at Eurovision.

They performed already the new hit on MAD 2021 Award in Athene, Greece. You can watch on Youtube our video from the ceremony.

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