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Anastasia Vasadze Junior Eurovision 2023 GeorgiaAnastasia Vasadze Junior Eurovision 2023 Georgia
Anastasia Vasadze will represent Georgia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Nice, France.

Anastasia Vasadze won Georgian national competition Ranina 2023, and will represent her country later this year at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Anastasia Vasadze is 11-year-old talent hailing from Georgian capital Tbilisi, captivated both the audience and the distinguished jury throughout the Ranina 2023 series. Her exceptional vocal abilities, combined with her undeniable stage presence, propelled her to the top position in the competition. In every show where the jury’s evaluations were revealed, Anastasia achieved the highest score possible, an astounding 120 points.

Anastasia Vasadze at Ranina 2023

In the musical showdown this evening, five talented young singers took the stage, competing for the coveted chance to represent Georgia at the forthcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest, to be held in Nice:

  • Tako Tomashvili
  • Soso Chachua
  • Anastasia Berishvili
  • Anastasia Vasadze
  • Gabriel Lomsadze

The winner was determined by a jury formed of three music professionals who voted after each performance awarding up to 40 points each. They scored each act based on four categories: vocal, performance, artistry, and collaboration. Up to 10 points can be awarded for each category. The exact scores have not been revealed.

About Anastasia Vasadze

Anastasia has already achieved remarkable success at a young age. At just 6 years old, she emerged victorious in the prestigious children’s international competition, Wonderland, in 2018. Building on her accomplishments, Anastasia added another accolade to her name by winning the Golden Muse 2021 title.

Anastasia’s musical prowess and artistic brilliance garnered attention internationally, leading to her invitation to the Malta International Festival. During the festival, a Georgian culture day was held, providing a platform for Anastasia to showcase her talent on a global stage.

Balancing her musical pursuits with her education, Anastasia is a student at St. George’s International School. In addition to her academic commitments, she also dedicates time to ballet classes, demonstrating her commitment to honing her artistic abilities.

Beyond her passion for music and dance, Anastasia finds joy in various activities. She is an avid football player and proudly supports the Real Madrid team. In her leisure time, Anastasia indulges in listening to music, particularly artists like Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé.

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