Wed. Apr 24th, 2024
By Laura collection Forget About TomorrowBy Laura

Multiple Eurovision participant Laura Põldvere is stepping into a new realm by unveiling her first personal beauty collection “BY LAURA collection” in collaboration with the brand Forget About Tomorrow.

This move marks a significant moment not only in Estonia but also for European music enthusiasts familiar with Laura’s impressive musical career, including her appearances on the Eurovision stage.

Laura Põldvere has always been a versatile artist, reaching thousands of music enthusiasts across various locations in Europe. Her new beauty collection, created in collaboration with Forget About Tomorrow, is designed to offer something special to her fans across Europe.

“I’m thrilled to share the news about my own beauty collection  “BY LAURA collection” in collaboration with Forget About Tomorrow with you. The support and love from Eurovision fans have always been crucial to me, and this collection is my way of thanking you for the support, offering something unique and personal to those who have supported me all along.”

said Laura Põldvere.

The collection bearing Laura’s personal touch is vegan-friendly and carries the ‘COSMOS certified’ label. This means that the products are made from natural and organic ingredients and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner.

“This collection is more than just a set of beauty products – it’s a message about enjoying life and worrying less. I hope everyone who uses it finds inspiration to be more present and live fully in the moment.”

emphasized Laura.

A representative from Forget About Tomorrow stated,

“Working with Laura has been truly inspiring for us, and we are delighted to present this special collection to Eurovision fans across Europe. Laura’s passion for enjoying life and worrying less is reflected in the creation of each product, offering something unique to all her fans.”

“BY LAURA collection” available through e-shop More information and product introductions will be accessible also

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