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Eurovision 2023 Nordic countriesEurovision 2023 Nordic countries: Seden, Denmadrk, Iceland, Norway, Finalnd

Eurovision 2023 Song Reviews: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden

For my next set of reviews, I’m doing the Nordic nations. The Nordic nations always have at least one song in contention. This year is quite a unique year. If you’ve already seen the gambling odds, it’s hinting to a possibility of an all-Nordic Top 3! If you listed to the songs, you can understand why many have this impression.

Performer: Reiley
Song: “Breaking My Heart”

Denmark is known for delivering some memorable songs. Very often they deliver simple songs that are loaded with charm and go further than expected. This is a good song with a good techno beat. It has its own charm along with a good dance beat, but it has a lot of competition to deal with since there are other songs with more arresting sounds.

ESC Chances: Of all five Nordic entries, this has the least chance of winning. Nevertheless I still see this song having potential to qualify for the Grand Final, but its chances right now are borderline. There are a lot of cases where I think a Eurovision song doesn’t sound like it will excel at Eurovision, but they have potential to be a good hit on the radio. This is one of those songs. It’s a song that can be an infectious hit, but too simple for something like Eurovision. Reiley will need to improve his stage show if he wants to qualify for the Grand Final.

Listen to Reiley’s Eurovision 2023 song:
Denmark Eurovision 2023: Reiley – “Breaking My Heart”

Performer: Käärijä
Song: “Cha Cha Cha”

Finalnd’s only win came from Lordi and they won because they dared to be different. Very different! Käärijä is definitely a singer who dares to be different in clothes, stage performance and song. This is definitely a song that wants to stand out and does an excellent job of it. Finnish entries are often their best when they deliver the unexpected and this is definitely a song that delivers the unexpected.

ESC Chances: Once again, Eurovision is a domain where playing it safe won’t get you far. And Cha Cha Cha is a song that never plays it safe. Right from the start, you can tell Käärijä is going to deliver something way out of the norm. The relentlessness of the song is definitely going to win over Eurofans. Right now it’s second in betting odds. If it does the right improvements in its staging, I’m sure it can keep its Top 3 potential.

Listen to Käärijä‘s Eurovision 2023 song:
Finland Eurovision 2023: Käärijä – “Cha Cha Cha”

Performer: Diljá
Song: “Power”

Iceland is a nation with a small population but it’s big on artistic talent. Despite never winning, they’ve had two runner-ups and many memorable acts over time like Pall Oskar, Greta Salome and Dadi Freyr. This is a good song with an empowering message. However the music is light in comparison to many of the other songs in the competition. I think it will work against it.

ESC Chances: The interesting thing is that it has better chances of winning the Contest than Denmark but worse chances of qualifying from it’s semi. Now don’t get me wrong. Even last year, Iceland proved they can qualify with a ‘light’ song. The Systur had a simple country-sounding song that defied expectations and qualified. I know Diljá will have to improve her choreography and other aspects of her stage show if she wants to qualify.

Listen to Diljá’s Eurovision 2023 song:
Iceland Eurovision 2023: Diljá – “Power”

Performer: Alessandra
Song: “Queen Of Kings”

Norway is the nation known for having the most last-place finishes. Funny, because their last last-place was in the 2012 Grand Final. They’ve had six Top 10 finishes since. This song has excellent potential. It grabs your attention right from the start. Songs has a good mix of operatic and pop vocals along with empowering lyrics and even a sense of that Viking vibe. This is definitely one song that’s relentless from start to finish.

ESC Chances: I know I mentioned they’ve had six Top 10 finishes in the past 10 years. This songs looks like it will definitely be the seventh. It’s currently ranked 4th in gambling odds. Those who’ve heard this song can easily know why such a high ranking. I myself see Top 3 potential with the song. The stage show is already an eye-catcher. If it keeps it the way it is or adds the right improvements, I’m sure it will keep its winning potential!

Listen to Alessandra’s song:
Norway Eurovision 2023: Alessandra – “Queen of Kings”

Performer: Loreen
Song: “Tattoo”

For those that were blown away when you heard “Euphoria,” Loreen is back! Sometimes, it’s hard not to compare it to “Euphoria,” but this track is a gem in itself. It’s a lot darker both in terns of lyrics and in music, but this song is the type of song that will make you forget everything and pay attention to it. Even her stage performance from the Melfest will remind you why we love Loreen. Very winning.

ESC Chances: There have been returning champions many times before, but Johnny Logan is the only one who has won again. All too often, returning champions become their own tough act to follow. The last one before Loreen, Alexander Rybak, finished 15th. I have better feelings about this song. Already listening to it, I feel Loreen’s magic is back and she’s ready for 2023. Already the song is at the top in betting odds, but we’ll see over time.

Listen to Loreen’s song:
Sweden Eurovision 2023: Loreen – “Tattoo”

And there you go. That’s my look at this year’s Nordic entries. As we get closer and closer to the start, it gets that much more exciting.

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