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Serbia Junior Eurovision 2021Jovana & Dunja will represent Serbia at Junior Eurovision 2021

Jovana & Dunja will represent Serbia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021. They gave us an exclusive interview just one week before Junior Eurovision!

ES: When and how did you meet?

Jovana: We met five years ago

Dunja: There’s a choir.

ES: When did you start singing?

Jovana: I started singing when I was three years old.

Dunja:  And I started singing when I was three years old.

ES: What are your hobbies besides music?

Jovana: My hobbies are dancing and acting.

Dunja:  My hobbies are drawing and dancing.

ES: Who are your musical idols? Who inspires you?

Dunja:  My Idol is the singer EVA.

Jovana: My idol is the singer Ariana Grande and Alicia Keys.

ES: When is your birthday? 

Jovana: My birthday is on 19th of January.

Dunja:  My birthday is on 22nd July.

ES: Are you an Eurovision fan? Was it your dream to get to Junior Eurovision?

Jovana: Yes we’re Eurovision fans. Since we were little girl, we watched the Junior Eurovision.

Dunja:  So this is amazing chance to represent Serbia. Yes it is [our dream to go to Junior Eurovision.

ES: Thank you very much for the interview Dunja and Jovana and good luck in Paris!

Watch Jovana’s and Dunja’s official music video on their Junior Eurovision song “Children’s Eyes”

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