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Sona AzizovaSona Azizova will represent Azerbaijan at Junior Eurovision

Sona Azizova will represent Azerbaijan in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021. She gave us an exclusive interview just one week before she is going to Paris!

ES: Sona, you were born in Baku and have lived already in Serbia and Romania, how did that happen? How long did you live there? 

Sona: Yes, I have lived 4 years in Serbia and 3 years in Romania. It happened because my parents love traveling, and they often changed their workplaces. And I travelled a lot together with my family.

ES: You told us that you can speak Azerbaijani, English and Russian, but maybe you can also speak Serbian, Romanian and other languages?  

Sona: Yes, I speak several languages. I used to speak Serbian and Romanian when I was a kid. As I didn’t use these languages later, I forgot them. But still remember some words.

ES: When and why did you start to sing and play the piano? Are your parents musicians?

Sona: My parents aren’t musicians, but they like listening to music very much. And I was hearing music all day long, may be this inspired me to start to sing as well.

ES: You have a lot of hobbies, besides music – gymnastics and crafts, and even copper embossing – how do you manage your time? 

Sona: Actually, I spend a lot of time singing and listening to music. In my free time I do gymnastics and do copper embossing when I visit my grandfather. 

ES: You will sing a beautiful ballad “One Of Those Days”, how do you feel about the song? What helps you improve your expression and feeling when singing?

Sona: When I sing my song, I think about my family and also about the people who risk their lives to save others, doctors, nurses, firefighters and so on. 

ES: Who are your musical idols? Who inspires you?

Sona: I like listening to the Cranberries, Maneskin, Adele, Cynthia Erivo, Faozia. 

ES: Are you an Eurovision fan? Was it your dream to get to Junior Eurovision?

Sona: Yes, I am interested in everything that is connected with music. And participating in Eurovision is the dream of each musician, as well as mine. I am very happy to be a participant in Junior Eurovision. Thank you for the interview.

ES: Thank you very much for the interview, Sona and good luck in Paris! 

Watch Sona’s official music video on her Junior Eurovision song “One Of Those Days”

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