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Junior Eurovision 2022 Song RankingJunior Eurovision 2022 Song Ranking

Hard to believe Junior Eurovision 2022 is happening tomorrow. Herder to believe the World Cup is happening at the same time. Who else has been excited for Junior Eurovision but distracted by the World Cup? Relax. There’s no game the Sunday of Junior Eurovision. I admit I’ve been so distracted by the World Cup, I missed out on the rewatch of last year’s Contest during the JESC Watch Party. Speaking of JESC2021, each time Enzo got 12 points, didn’t the crowd’s reaction sound more like a football stadium than a Junior Eurovision crowd?

Anyways I’m looking forward to Junior Eurovision tomorrow. From where I live (Vancouver, Canada), Junior Eurovision will start at 7 in the morning. That means I will have to fix up a big breakfast! Yes, I will really treat myself. Before I get into my rankings, I will say they did a good job of choosing hosts. Karina, Iveta and Garik are good picks for hosts. Also I’m good with Robin The Robot as the fourth host. At first I thought it would be cheesy to have a robot on but when I learned the purpose of Robin, I welcome Robin as the fourth host. I’m also glad Rosa Linn is the interval act. For months I was hoping she’d be. I think all of us who saw her at Eurovision 2022 were hoping so too. For entertainment, I’ll be curious for what the show has. Remembering when they first hosted in 2011, I was hoping the Contest would open with “Welcome To Armenia.” We’ll see what magic they’ll spin tomorrow.

Now on with this year’s entries. Before I give my rankings, I have to say that once again, the sixteen entries are all gifted and very talented. All have bright futures ahead of them. I doubt that most of them will take the Contest more seriously than they should. They should know the one thing they can’t control is whether they win or not. Besides they’re children. Their best years are ahead of them. Delivering an excellent performance is all they should need to be proud.

And now, here are my rankings of the songs. For ranking the songs, I took in a lot of factors. The performer’s singing has a lot to do with it. The quality of the song and/or lyrics is also a factor. Sometimes for Junior Eurovision, I will consider it a plus if the performer gives a song or performance that presents a positive image of the young or youth empowerment. Of course, catchiness of the song is a big boost. About first or second rehearsals, I have not seen the full rehearsals. I’m willing to see images or small bits of it, but I want it all to be a complete surprise for me on Contest night. Now on with my rankings:

My Top Ten

  1. SPAIN – Carlos Higes “Senorita”: I don’t know whether it’s the ethnic fell of the song, the dance beat or Carlos’ lyrics or vocals, but this is the song I love the most. I feel this is the entry of JESC this year that best fits the description “relentless!”
  2. UNITED KINGDOM – Freya Skye “Lose My Head”: This song is intense. Actually, I feel like saying this has Lady Gaga vibes. It’s easy to see why people are hooked and many are saying this is a heavy favorite to win. I also rank it high, but I kept it from being first mainly because I feel the performers shouldn’t have to make mini-adults of themselves.
  3. KAZAKHSTAN – David Charlin “Jer-Ana (Mother Earth)”: This has to be the year’s top ballad. Kazakhstan really knows how to deliver ballads; their two runners-up are ballads.  David himself is an excellent talent who delivers a performance that will surprise you. I could have had my #4 pick as my #3 pick, but I chose David because I have to go with my heart.
  4. ARMENIA – Nare “Dance!”: For the second straight year, Armenia sends a dance song to Junior Eurovision. For the second straight year, it’s very catchy and also has a lot of winner buzz to it! This is a song in a different style of dance music compared to “Qami Qami,” but it is also very infectious and might also make you want to get up and dance!
  5. GEORGIA – Mariam Bigvava “I Believe”: Georgia again delivers an amazing song. This is a song with an important message and very catchy music. Mariam also does an excellent job on the vocals. It goes beyond what you expect.
  6. NETHERLANDS – Luna “La Festa”: The most fun song of the Contest, and Junior Eurovision should be about fun. It makes sense that a song about a party should have a party feel to it. Luna captures the fun essence of the song in excellent fashion.
  7. ITALY – Chanel Dilecta “Bla Bla Bla”: This is an upbeat and catchy song that has a positive message behind it. It has a fun feel to it, and Chanel adds her perky personality to the song. Really worth liking.
  8. IRELAND – Sophie Lennon “Solas”: It’s very rare we see entries with culture at Junior Eurovision. Spain has it but Ireland has it too. I really like the Celtic mystique of the song. I’m confident Sophie can achieve Ireland’s highest finish ever at Junior Eurovision.
  9. NORTH MACEDONIA – Lara featuring Jovan and Irina “Zivotot e pred mene”: The music sounds odd at first, but it gets catchier over time. The song has a positive message about it and the three of them deliver the song with charm and confidence.
  10. SERBIA – Katarina Savic “Svet bez granica”: Normally I don’t go for Junior Eurovision songs that are too sweet or angelic, but this song I like. It may sound sweet, but it has Katarina delivers an elegance to it. I think that’s what makes me like it.


With my Top 10 just given, it means six songs did not make the cut. Here I’ll deliver my thoughts on the songs. I will be describing them in their running order:

  • POLAND – Laura “To The Moon”: The song is good, has a positive message and an energy to it. In addition, Laura is a talented singer. I think I didn’t rank it so high because I feel I’ve heard better JESC entries from Poland. That’s another habit of mine. Comparing a year’s entry from a nation to their entries of the past.
  • MALTA – Gaia Gambuzza “Diamonds In The Skies”: For those that saw my review, I have to say the video did give the song more maturity and made it look less cutesy. Nevertheless lyrics like “So easy like ABC,” and Gaia keeping her singing abilities limited held me back.
  • FRANCE – Lissandro “Oh maman!”: This is done in the style of music Lissandro likes. Hearing the song and watching the video occasionally leaves me asking if I should like the song for what it is, or label it as too cutesy for my liking? Lissando’s talent is on full display in the song, though.
  • ALBANIA – Kejtlin Gjata “Pakez diell”: I know that I’ve often talked of how I don’t like when JESC songs get too angelic. Despite it being angelic, Kejtlin does give the song a good feel to it. It’s not to be overlooked.
  • PORTUGAL – Nicolas Alves “Anos 70”: This is the type of song I don’t think will go down well with too many younger voters. Portugal is known for going out of the ordinary even in Junior Eurovision. Nevertheless I heard Nicolas sing in a rehearsal clip. He may end up performing better than we thought.
  • UKRAINE – Zlata Dziunka – “Nezlamna (Unbreakable)”: Being last-up will not work for this song. I really admire the message of the song, especially with what Ukraine has gone through this year, but I felt like something was missing. I know she has a message, but this is Junior Eurovision and people are still going to expect some style or some show.

And there you have it! Those are my rankings and opinions of the Junior Eurovision songs with one day to go. Remember that things can all change on performance night. Some songs may end up being better than anticipated, or some songs can sink on stage. We’ll see on Sunday!

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