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Junior Eurovision Fun FactsJunior Eurovision Fun Facts

It is a Junior Eurovision day and I thought I’d give you twelve fun facts:
  • This year, there are sixteen nations competing. When Junior Eurovision began in 2003, there were also sixteen nations.
  • The year of the most nations participating is 2018, with twenty nations participating.
  • Host nation Armenia has had eight Top 3 finishes out of their fourteen previous participations.
  • Georgia is the only nation to win the Contest with a vocal group. They did it twice!
  • Four of the winning songs are in Russian. Languages that have won twice include Armenian, Georgian, English and Polish. Languages with single-wins are Croatian, Spanish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Italian, French and one in an imaginary language!
  • Netherlands is the only nation to participate in every single Junior Eurovision.
  • The performer who’s first-up at Junior Eurovision has never finished in the Top 3. There were four fourth-places: in 2007, 2011 and 2018.
  • The performer who’s last-up at Junior Eurovision has won the Contest six of the previous nineteen times!
  • The performer from the Junior Eurovision host nation has finished in the Top 3 four times. The only time they won was in 2019.
  • Only three times has a performer from the first-half in the running order won the Contest. Malena was the third.
  • Since online voting was introduced in 2017, there was only one time the winner of the online vote didn’t win the Contest. It was The Netherlands’ Fource in 2017. Their ninth-place after the jury vote was margin enough to finish 4th overall.
  • Only once has the jury winner and the online voting winner deliver the same winner. It was France’s Valentina in 2020! 

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