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Marco Mengoni won Sanremo 2023 and will represent Italy at Eurovision 2023Marco Mengoni Sanremo 2023 Italy at Eurovision 2023

The 73rd Festival di Sanremo has come to an end, and Marco Mengoni has officially been declared the winner with his song “Due Vite”

The evening shone with stars: Amadeus, along with Gianni Morandi and Chiara Ferragni, were tonight’s presenters. There were also a lot of guest appearances, including performance by Depeche Mode and a message from Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The five-hour show saw all 28 artists again. During the first phase of the final they sang all 28 songs again for the third time and, after a 100% televoting which was added to the rankings of the previous nights, the first 5 songs qualified to the super final, in which voting restarted from zero, not taking into consideration any of the previous voting procedures of the whole week. In the super final, everyone had a say: televoting by 34%demoscopic jury by 33% and jury of journalists also by 33%.

With this, a new ranking for the final five was formed, where Marco Mengoni secured the win with his song “Due vite.” This doesn’t come as a surprise as Marco Mengoni won all three previous nights and was the front runner in odds.

Marco Mengoni with the song ‘Due Vote’ at Sanremo 2023

Festival di Sanremo 2023 results:

5 finalists:

  1. Marco Mengoni — “Due vite”
  2. Lazza — “Cenere”
  3. Mr. Rain — “Supereroi”
  4. Ultimo — “Alba”
  5. Tananai — “Tango”
    • The rest of the acts finished in the following order during the first round:
  6. Giorgia — “Parole dette male”
  7. Madame — “Il bene ne male”
  8. Rosa Chemical — “Made In Italy”
  9. Elodie — “Due”
  10. Colapesce & Dimartino — “Splash”
  11. Modá — “Lasciami”
  12. Gianluca Grignani — “Quando ti manca il fiato”
  13. Coma_Cose — “L’addio”
  14. Ariete — “Mare di guai”
  15. LDA — “Se poi domani”
  16. Articolo 31 — “Un bel viaggio”
  17. Paola e Chiara — “Furore”
  18. Leo Gassmann — “Terzo cuore”
  19. Mara Sattei — “Duemilaminuti”
  20. Colla Zio — “Non mi va”
  21. I Cugini di Campagna — “Lettera 22”
  22. Gianmaria — “Mostro”
  23. Levante — “Vivo”
  24. Olly — “Polvere”
  25. Anna Oxa — “Sali”
  26. Will — “Stupido”
  27. Shari — “Egoista”
  28. Sethu — “Cause perse”

About Marco Mengoni

Marco already represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song L’Essenziale.

Marco Mengoni with the song “L’Essenziale” at Eurovision 2013

Marco Mengoni rose to fame on the Italian music scene in 2009 after winning the third season of Italian X-Factor. He has sold 2.8 million records since then, as well having all of his seven albums chart, and 15 top-10 singles to his name.

Marco Mengoni competed in Sanremo in both 2010 and 2013. In 2013, he won the festival with his song L’essenziale. In that same year, he represented Italy at Eurovision with his Sanremo song, and placed 7th, receiving 126 points.

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