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Mariam Bigvava Georgia Junior Eurovision 2022Mariam Bigvava Georgia Junior Eurovision 2022

🇬🇪 Georgia
Song: “I Believe”
Performer: Mariam Bigvava

Georgia ranks as one of the top nations at Junior Eurovision, and rightly so. Ever since they made their Junior Eurovision debut back in 2007, they’ve delivered songs and performances that are unique and unpredictable. You can easily see why they’ve won three times. Lately, they’ve been making the change to do very stylish numbers both in song styles and singing. They’ve also been very winning with the Junior Eurovision crowds. For the fifth straight year, Georgia’s Junior Eurovision entry was decided at the Ranina show. This year’s winner was Miriam Bigvava.

Again, Georgia delivers a song that stands out. The song is very good as it has a strong message. It’s interesting the verses are all Georgian while the chorus is always sung in English. The song also has a unique style to it, hard to describe what genre it is. This song will really grab your attention. Bigvava’s vocals are another highlight of the song. They’re very good throughout, but she really brings it on during the final chorus. 

JESC Chances: Georgia will do well as long as they bring it. This definitely sounds like a song that will bring it. It catches your attention right from the start and will not let go. It’s like Mariam has something to say and she will say it. I’m already expecting this song to rank well. Possibly get another Top 3 finishe for Georgia. Once again, this will come down for the song having an excellent stage show that will bring out its best traits and entertain the crowds.

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