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Sophie Lennon Ireland Junior Eurovision 2022Sophie Lennon Ireland Junior Eurovision 2022

🇮🇪 Ireland
Song: “Solas”
Performer: Sophie Lennon

Since Ireland made their debut in Junior Eurovision, they’ve always been a delight to have. Ireland has been very supportive of it. Even past Eurovision participants of Ireland appear as guest judges in the Junior Eurovision Eire Contest to help select the representative. This year has decided Sophie Lennon to represent with the song “Solas.” Lennon is actually from Northern Ireland.

This is another ballad entry, but it’s very unique. It is very graceful and gives a mystical feel. Some would say it has a similar mystical feel as “Banshee” (Ireland’s entry in 2019). We should remember that some of Ireland’s best Eurovision or Junior Eurovision songs are songs with a mystical feel, and the type of mystical feel distinct to Irish entries. This song has that uniquely Irish mystique about it. The lyrics also have a positive message to it, which I like. I know I’ve talked about the danger of a JESC song being too angelic. This song I like and i have a lot of good feelings about.

JESC Chances: Ireland have been known to have low finishes in Junior Eurovision. Their best showings were in 2016 and 2019. Often it’s the online voting that is the lower score. I fell this is a song that can appeal to a lot of people. I’ve noticed the appeal growing. Those that liked “Banshee” will like this song too. If Lennon’s performance includes a good stage show, I think she can deliver Ireland’s best JESC finish ever.

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