Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
SennekNew release Overtones from Sennek

New music and video release from SENNEK “Overtones”. The Belgian singer continues with the style of the atmospheric downtempo ballad we saw at Eurovision 2018. Similarly to the “A Matter Of Time” song, the new one was written by SENNEK (Laura Groeseneken) herself in collaboration with Maxime Tribeche, but without the Hooverphonic member Alex Callier. 

SENNEK sings about a painful relationship which she is unable to move on from: 

It’s getting out of hand
I guess I like the pain 
So bulletproof my bones 
And find my overtones

Watch video on YouTube:

In the atmospheric black and white music video, directed by Thomas Richard Mertens, SENNEK embracing her partner but in parallel she is digging a hole in the woods. We don’t know whether it is a hole for his body or it is a metaphor that she uses to bury their relationship, or perhaps something else, everyone can think of their own ending…

SENNEK commented upon the release of the new song: “What a strange time to release new music. But you can’t ignore your passion…”

Overtones is now available for streaming on all platforms :


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