Thu. Apr 18th, 2024
Zlata Dziunka Ukraine Junior Eurovision 2022Zlata Dziunka Ukraine Junior Eurovision 2022
🇺🇦 Ukraine
Song: “Nezlama” (Незламна)
Performer: Zlata Dziunka

When war broke out in Ukraine, it was a big question if Ukraine would be in Junior Eurovision in 2022. They’ve been in every JESC since they debuted in 2006. Could they submit an entry? Especially with so many Ukrainian children who have fled to other countries? Ukraine opened qualifying for the contest to Ukrainian children residing in other nations. A national final was held on the Suspilne Kultura channel. The winner was Zlata Dziunka with “Nezlama,” or “Unbreakable.”

I listened to the song and looked at the lyrics translation. It’s no surprise that Ukraine would send a song about the war. Normally the EBU frowns upon Eurovision entries that get political, but it’s not political to simply want peace. Junior Eurovision has had a lot of peace songs or anti-war songs. The very first JESC in 2003 saw the UK’s Tom Morley sing “My Song For The World.” 2010 had the common song “A Day Without War” with accompanying vocals from Dmitri Koldun. Ukraine’s 2014 entry Sympho-Nick sang “Spring Will Come” about the hope of a post-Maidan Ukraine. In 2016, Albanian entry Klesta Qehaja, who was born in Kosovo, sang “Besoj” about the hope of a war ending. Possibly the most memorable peace song or anti-war song came from Ukraine in 2018 when Darina Krasnovetska sand “Say Love, Not War.”

And now we have Zlata Dziunka’s song. The song has a bluesy feel to it. However it has a serious message. The beat and the melodies may not be as catchy as the 2018 entry, but Ukraine had a war. Catchiness should matter less than the message being made. And Zlata delivers a message of defiance and resilience that needs to be delivered and seems to reflect the defiance of the Ukrainian people.

JESC Chances: As for how the song will fare at Junior Eurovision, it’s too early to tell. I’m sure the adult viewers watching the show will want to vote for it. As for children, I think they might be picky about it. I have a feeling songs with anti-war messages usually fare better with adults than children. However I could be surprised. Many are thinking that since Ukraine’s Eurovision entry almost dominated televoting en route to winning, it will win JESC with another set of sympathy votes. That can’t be proven. Besides only time will tell.

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