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Eurovision 2023 Spain Italy France GermanyEurovision 2023 Spain Italy France Germany

My latest blog of reviews is of four of the Big Five nations. Those five nations we call the Big 5 are an interesting bunch. They are the nations with the luxury of not having to go the semifinal route to perform in the Grand Final. 

Eurofans have mixed feelings about them defaulting into the Grand Final. Some say they should do the semis, especially since many have sent lacklustre entries in past years. Just look at the bottoms of the scoreboards of Grand Finals of the past ten years and you’ll understand why. One specific case in point being 2021. Four of the six nations made the four lowest places that night. Also worth knowing is that the other two made the Top 2 that night. 

I guess that’s it with those nations. They’re entries that many Eurofans can often place all-or-nothing expectations on. All too often, their entries can be the most winning of winning, or the lamest of lame. 

Before I go into my reviews, I have to say I’m impressed with all five songs from the Big 5 nations. None of the songs are what one would call lame and all appear like they want to send something to Liverpool instead of anything. I’m confident this can be the first Grand Final since 2013 where the last-place song is not a Big 5 nation or a host nation.Without further ado, here’s my look at four of the Big Five entries of Liverpool:

Performer: La Zarma

Song: “Évidemment”

France is one Big 5 nation that still manages to send impressive songs to Eurovision. They can do very well or very so-so. This year, I feel they’ve got a good one. It starts out sounding like a common French cabaret song, but progresses to a catchy dance beat. La Zarra lets her personal charisma shine in her performance and she definitely goes all out in the vocals.

ESC Chances: Already it’s showing Top 10 in the betting odds. It’s also Top 10 in Spotify streams too. Once again, we have another French song that’s very catchy. Nevertheless there should be no staging mistakes with this song. Last year’s entry from France suffered from bad staging. Even though La Zarra makes this song shine, there still can’t be any staging mistakes. We’re talking a possible contender here.

Listen to La Zarra’s Eurovision 2023 song:

Eurovision 2023 France: La Zarra – “Évidemment”

Performer: Lord Of The Lost
Song: “Blood & Glitter”

Of all the Big 5 nations, Germany has had some of the biggest struggles in the last 10 years. Six of those years, they finished either last or second-last. Mind you many of them were boring entries or just misfits of songs. People will like German entries but as long as the song gives them something to like. This entry is far from boring. This is one glam rock song that will get your attention. It has a positive message and it can even be quite catchy.

ESC Chances: Despite Germany’s hard luck over these past ten years, this song does not at all sound like last-place material at all. Rock is always a challenge to send to Eurovision. Eurofans have welcomed Lordi, Hatari and Maneskin, but have been picky other times. This song sounds like it can rank well, but bad staging choices could kill its chances. 

Listen to Lord Of The Lost’s Eurovision 2023 song:

Eurovision 2023 Germany: Lord Of The Lost – “Blood & Glitter”

Performer: Marco Mengoni
Song: “Due Vite”

Of all the Eurovision qualifying events, the San Remo Song Festival is one of the most beloved. For the second straight year, the San Remo Festival crowned a former Eurovision entry its winner. This year, it’s 2013 entry Marco Mengoni. Just like 2013 “L”Essenziale,” his entry for this year is a ballad. However “Due Vite” makes “L’Essenziale” look very simple in comparison. This time around, there’s much more lyrics and that much more emotion put into the song.

ESC Chances: Ever since Italy returned in 2011, their eleven entries have hit the Top 10 nine times, the Top 3 four of those times and won in 2021. “L’Essenziale” finished 7th back in 2013. I’m anticipating a return back to the Top 10. Italians know how to deliver ballads but they’re at they’re best when they’re loaded with emotion. If Mengoni delivers right, he could even go as high as the Top 5.

Listen to Marco Mengoni’s Eurovision 2023 song:

Eurovision 2023 Italy: Marco Mengoni – “Due vite”

Performer: Blanca Paloma
Song: “Eaea”

Spain is another Big 5 nation that struggles. Last year’s entry, “SloMo” from Chanel, was a welcome relief after finishing six straight years 21st or lower. Spanish culture returns to Liverpool in “Eaea.” Hmmm, when was the last time Spain sent a flamenco entry to Eurovision? Must have been way long ago. This is quite the song with flamenco rhythms mixed with modern instrumentation and dramatic passionate lyrics. I am slowly but surely embracing this song.

ESC Chances: After amassing so many dreadful finishes in past years, “SloMo” and its third-place finish sent a message that Eurofans love Spanish culture when done right. “SloMo” was like the Spanish entry we were all waiting for! While “SloMo” was more about a sultry song and stage show, this song is more intense in its music and emotions. Blanca’s vocals are authentic for a flamenco song as well as her chorus singers. If it has a winning stage show to go with it, I can see this going Top 5 or Top 3, or even rival for the win!

Listen to Blanca Paloma’s Eurovision 2023 song:

Eurovision 2023 Spain: Blanca Paloma – “Eaea”

And there you go. Those are my reviews of four of the Big 5 nations at this year’s Eurovision. All I have left to review are the two host nations. Hard to believe it’s getting closer and closer!

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