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Gaia Gambuzza Junior Eurovision 2022 MaltaGaia Gambuzza Junior Eurovision 2022 Malta
🇲🇹 Malta
Song: “Diamonds In The Skies”
Performer: Gaia Gambuzza

Malta has a reputation as the little nation that can. It is one of the most consistent at participating at Junior Eurovision, attending all but two JESC contests. They’ve even won twice! And one of their winners finished in the Top 10 as the main Eurovision Song Contest just last year! Malta really knows how to promote their talents.

This year’s entry is by singer Gaia Gambuzza. I bet when many of you hear that the title is “Diamonds In The Skies,” many of you will automatically think of their 2014 entry. And understandably so since it was part of the chorus. However this is not the sequel song. In fact it’s not even the ‘popera’ genre of Federica Falzon’s song. This song has a dance vibe set to a positive message.

JESC Chances: In all frankness, the song sounds too simple. More like a JESC song you’d hear back in the noughts (2003-2009). The dance beat is there, but light. Vocals are good, but nothing spectacular. Plus one thing I took away from last year’s JESC is that the songs that appeared too angelic got the lower ranks. This song seems to be too angelic or too sweet. On top of it, Gaia sounds like a singer worthy of a more mature song.

It’s too soon to tell how far any of the songs will go right now. Heck, even Malta had an excellent song with “We Are More” in 2019 and it still finished last. Nevertheless surprises can happen. I didn’t like “Where Do We Go” before the 2021 Contest but Ike and Mizzi did a way better job on Contest night. Anyways they have ten weeks to develop it. I feel if they deliver a good stage show and if the song is developed to show off more of Gaia’s singing abilities, it will go way further than it appears to be going now.

Listen to Gaia’s song

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